Death of ego...

There may be some that do not understand the death of ego..

They usually take the 'Long Path' of spiritual knowledge..

This is the path of prayer and offerings..

The 'Short Path' of Zen is what I try to convey..

This requires loss of all personality or ego..

Some teach that 'You are That"..

Which is total Union with God..

This leads to the same place but total dissolving of ego leads you to the end of division..

and absorption into 'Source'....

namaste, thomas


This is love:

to fly toward a secret sky,

to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.

First to let go of life.

Finally, to take a step without feet.


The door to Reality...

Only when you have become courageous enough to give up your 'self'.

the only self that you have ever known..

the self that you have begun to Love..

this 'self'..

this 'life'..

this jumping into the darkness of complete death..

forever death..

the unknown greets you with a glass of fear..

break the glass and move forward..

you have been told that It is Real..

Is "Knowledge' more important than life or self?..

This door to Reality is opened only by the courageous...

namaste, thomas

Thought is ego...

Thought, itself is the ego..

you must go beyond thought to dispose of ego and enter the First Reality of
Divine Consciousness..

This is the darkness between illusion and Reality..

Consciousness and Light awaits beyond the darkness..

namaste, thomas

The impasse of ego...

The only way out of this impasse is to surrender the Belief in separate ego..

This is the point of ego suicide..

To Become Everything, you must become Nothing..

When you have fallen into the darkness of Nothingness,

You Awaken as the Energy of Light, Love, and Consciousness..

But, You are still not completely free yet..

You must also surrender this "Personality" of division from "Source"..

And Truly become Nothing..

As the only Reality is "Absolute Source" and no-thing else...

namaste, thomas

The ego as seeker...

Since the entity which is travelling on the quest

is itself none other than the ego,

it is hardly likely that the termination of the quest will end in the termination of the ego.

But without the latter how is enlightenment possible?

The ego may lead him from one spiritual advance, experience, or initiation to another,

but it will not lead him to egoless being nor could it even if it wished to.

What is the way out of this impasse?

Notebooks Category 2: Overview of Practicies Involved > Chapter 1: Ant's Long Path > # 208 ... Paul Brunton

' A battle of wills '...

In a recent posting of mine,

I was told by higher consciousness to write a paragraph..

At a certain point in the paragraph,

The advice sounded as though it came from ego..

I balked and said that it sounded egoistic.

The thoughts spoken said;" Continue the words as it is important"..

Therefore, who are speaking?..

Is the ego, a monk on a path to suicide?..

Is it similar to times when we speak to ourselves?..

And then turn around to see if others see us in our foolishness..

When there is no Speaker or Listener,

Then I shall be Free ...

namaste, thomas

" OM "...

My body caught fire like an ember,

as I brought the syllable OM,

the one that says "You are That,"

into me.

I moved through
the six chakra centers

that urge human beings to action

and out into the lightedness

where Lalla lives now.

- Lalla
14th Century North Indian mystic

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

From "Naked Song"
Versions by Coleman Barks
Maypop 1992


At every instant and from every side, resounds the call of Love:

We are going to sky, who wants to come with us?

We have gone to heaven, we have been the friends of the angels,

And now we will go back there, for there is our country.

We are higher than heaven, more noble than the angels:

Why not go beyond them? Our goal is the Supreme Majesty.

What has the fine pearl to do with the world of dust?

Why have you come down here?

Take your baggage back.

What is this place?

Luck is with us, to us is the sacrifice!...

Like the birds of the sea, men come from the ocean--the ocean of the soul.

Like the birds of the sea, men come from the ocean--the ocean of the soul.

How could this bird, born from that sea, make his dwelling here?

No, we are the pearls from the bosom of the sea, it is there that we dwell:

Otherwise how could the wave succeed to the wave that comes from the soul?

The wave named 'Am I not your Lord' has come, it has broken the vessel of the body;

And when the vessel is broken, the vision comes back, and the union with Him...

Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch, 'Rumi and Sufism' trans. Simone Fattal
Sausalito, CA: Post-Apollo Press, 1977, 1987.

Fleetwood Mac - "DREAMS" (Stevie Nicks) With Lyrics

Only Self Is...

Self is what you are,

You are That
Fathomlessness in which experience and concepts appear.

Self is the Moment which has no coming or going.

It is the Heart, Atman, Emptiness.

It shines to Itself, by Itself, in Itself.

Self is what gives breath to life,

you need not search for It,

It is Here.

You are That through which you would search.

You are what you are looking for!

And That is all it is.

Only Self is...

- Papaji

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"The Truth Is"
Sri H.W.L. Poonja
Yudhishtara, 1995

egoic personality...

There are levels of egoic personality..

We are in the low level of earthly egoic personality..

The higher personality of Divine Consciousness is a state of Unconditional Love but still limited from complete Freedom because of It's desire to 'Exist'..

Any personality that is separate from the 'Source' is in a state of 'suffering', even while existing as Love..

This 'suffering' is a feeling of being 'Away' from Home..

The differing personalities of Consciousness that exist when leaving the body may seem to be happy states of 'Thought', but are only more illusions of the 'Dream'..

Even the ' God State' of Divine Consciousness is just a 'Dream from Source'..

Source, being the place of non-personality , Pure Intelligence,and is Known by the generation of the energy called Love...

namaste, thomas

The Grace of God...

"What is the 'Grace' of God?..

And 'who' is there to receive It..

This imaginary 'who' that begs for acknowledgement of existence..

The 'Grace' of God is 'Unconditional Love'..

Unconditional Love is merely the State of 'non-who', otherwise known as non-egoic consciousness..

This is the difference between 'seeking' and 'Realizing'..

The 'seeker' continues to 'seek'.

The 'Realized' need to seek no longer...

namaste, thomas


In your sleep your personality goes completely,

you become impersonal.

There is, however,

a seed
of personality potentially present even in sleep,

account of which you wake up the next morning.

all practical purposes your personality is wiped off,

and so it is that you are very happy in sleep,

thereby that impersonality is the source of happiness,

that personality is the source of sorrow.

The more you
are personal, the more you are grief-stricken.

more you become impersonal, the more you become

- Swami Krishnananda

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

Facets of Spirituality
Complied by S. Bhagyalakshmi
Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, 1986


If the aspirant takes personal pride in the results of his endeavours,

if he regards mystical experiences that come with meditation as favours special to him,

then vanity and self-conceit have crept in on a higher level
and block his path.

He imagines himself to be far advanced on the path and swells with complacency at his achievement.

In all this self-flattery,

it is his ego who really benefits...

Notebooks Category 2: Overview of Practicies Involved > Chapter 1: Ant's Long Path > # 133 ... Paul Brunton

Empty me !...

y Khwaja Abdullah Ansari
(1006 - 1088) Timeline

English version by
Andrew Harvey

Original Language

Muslim / Sufi
11th Century


Lord, send me staggering with the wine
Of Your love!

Ring my feet
With the chains of Your slavery!

Empty me of everything but Your love

And in it destroy and resurrect me!

Any hunger You awaken

Can only end in Feast!.....

" All of your Thought "...

Creation, itself is just 'Thought'..

This 'Thought' creates a Dream that we call Creation..

This 'Thought' is called Divine Consciousness..

Divine Consciousness is called 'God'..

We are Divine Consciousness..

We are the 'Creators' of this 'Dream Manifestation'..

Why do 'We' Dream as separate entities?..

Purely, for entertainment..

Most, would say 'For Learning'..

But, Divine Consciousness is already Unconditional Love Energy..

The only thing to learn is 'non-existence'..

This is the most difficult lesson..

The 'Answer' requires 'All of your Thought'...

namaste, thomas

Sandy is comin' to town...

Sandy is coming to New York to visit me for a few days..

I will probably lose all power and unable to post for a while..

See you in "Future Time"..

namaste, thomas

The Creator...

Books are Thoughts..

Thoughts are Dreams..

Dreams are Manifestations..

Manifestations are Creation..

Who is the Creator ?..

Any One that Thinks...

namaste, thomas

Stay as Such...

As it rises so it falls.

Make effort and it rises.

Stop effort and it falls.

Make the choice!

Stay as simple natural Being without thought
or doership.

Out of nothing you can do anything
and not leave footprints.

No intention is no
limitation, just stay quiet, simply do not stir a

Not activating the mind is to not

There is no way or method, just
keep out of the way.

The revelation of the Self
will occur only when you do not interfere.

Keeping quiet is giving time to this love and

Stay as Such.

- Papaji

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"The Truth Is"
Sri H.W.L. Poonja
Yudhishtara, 1995

Enigma - Return To Innocence

He alone...

O Friend! we are near you in friendship,
Wherever you set foot, we prostrate ourselves like earth.
How is it permissible, in the religion of love,
That we should see your Creation and neglect to see You?

That Friend brought me up with great care and attention;
He sewed me a garment from skin and veins.
The body is like a cloak and my heart in it like a mystic,
The world is like a monastery and He is my Guide.

Seek knowledge which unravels mysteries
Before your life comes to close
Give up that non-existence which looks like existence,
Seek that Existence which looks like non-existence!

There is a world outside Islam and Disbelief,
We are enamoured of the atmosphere therein.
The mystic lays down his head when he reaches there.
There is neither Islam nor Disbelief in this place.

Whenever I prostrate my head He is the one to whom I bow;
In six directions or outside the six, he is the one I worship.
The garden, the rose, the nightingale, music and the beauteous maiden
Are a mere excuse and He alone is the real object.

From Divani Shams, "Life and Work of Muhammad Jalal-ud Din Rumi"
by Afzal Iqbal

The Gospel of Thomas...

The Gospel of Thomas;

Jesus said,

"If your leaders say to you,


the (Father's) kingdom is
in the sky,'

then the birds of the sky will precede you.

If they say to you,

'It is in the sea,'

then the fish will precede you.

Rather, the (Father's)
kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

Thought Dissolution is ego dissolution...

What is normal may be felt in the silent mind.

When thought is spent,

the individual is no
longer a separate entity

but gets merged in the
silent Consciousness

as its intrinsic essence.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"A Net of Jewels"
Ramesh S. Balsekar
Advaita Press, 1996


There are not only widely different stages of

evolutionary growth for every human being but also

widely different types of human beings within each

Hence a single technique cannot possibly cover
the spiritual needs of all humanity.

The seeker should
find the one that suits his natural aptitude

as he
should find the teacher who is most in inward affinity
with him.

— Notebooks Category 1: Overview of the Quest >
Chapter 5: Self-Development > # 195 .. Paul Brunton

Inquire always...

"Inquire always:

'Who am I?'"

Shirdi Sai Baba
in Dr. S.P. Ruhela
_Sri Shirdi Sai Baba: The Universal Master_
New Delhi: Sterling, 1994, p. 105

Peter Paul & Mary - Blowin in the wind (Tonight In Person 1966)

" If I "...

If I am I,

Then I cannot be "You"..

This applies to God and Creation..

This 'I' of consciousness..

This 'I' that desires to exist...

Is existence,, of greater bliss than Love?..

You have learned that "Love" is non-egoic consciousness..

Where is your consciousness?..

Where is the Consciousness of 'Source' ?...

Use the mind to get to the Door..

Only non-mind can enter....

namaste, thomas

The Pearl...

"When I became a lover,

I thought I had gained the Pearl of the Goal;

foolish I,
did not know that this Pearl lies on the floor of an ocean

which has innumerable
waves to be encountered

and great depths to be sounded."

Hafiz of Shiraz
in Meher Baba
_The Everything and the Nothing_, 15
Beacon Hill, NSW: Meher House Publications, 1963


An interviewer urged the Dalai Lama to discourse on how to cultivate

His Holiness said, "That may be too much to ask.

How about if
we just work on getting the 'kindness' part right?"

That reminds me of Paul Brunton's response years ago to Paul Cash when he asked him what
he thought a sage was like.

When Paul suggested that he would love everybody, Brunton

"I'm not that advanced; I don't love everybody."...




always-moving mind,

the One who has no beginning

is thinking of how hunger

may fall away from you.

No ritual,

no religion,

is needed.

Just cry out one
unobstructed cry.

- Lalla
14th Century North Indian mystic

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

From "Naked Song"
Versions by Coleman Barks
Maypop 1992

Divine Grace...


the aspirant has to rise into that pure atmosphere whence he can survey his personal life as a thing apart.

Still more difficult is it for one to live on that level while expressing the wisdom and goodness known to him.

It is, however, almost beyond human strength to achieve the second part of such a program.


he has first to establish the connection with the Overself so that its strength and understanding will then rule him effortlessly.

The moment this connection is established,

the aspirant will become aware of results from the descent of Divine Grace upon his personality.

Such a moment is unpredictable, but, for the individual who sticks to the Quest, its arrival is sure....

Notebooks Category 1: Overview of the Quest > Chapter 5: Self-Development > # 419
.... Paul Brunton


When man is separated from God in his thought, his belief is of no use, his
worship is of little use.

Bowl of Saki, October 23, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

God and man are like the two ends of one line. When a believer in God conceives
of God as a separate entity and of man as a being separate from Him, he makes
himself an exile, an exile from the kingdom of God. He holds fast to the form of
God created by himself, and he does not reach the Spirit of God. However good
and virtuous he has been in life, however religious in his actions, he has not
fulfilled the purpose of his life. ...

Those who think that God is not outside but only within are as wrong as those
who believe that God is not within but only outside. In fact God is both inside
and outside, but it is very necessary to begin by believing in that God outside.
From our childhood we have learned everything outside. We learn what the eye is
by looking at the eyes of others; everything we see in ourselves we have always
learned from outside.

So even in order to learn to see God we must begin by seeing God outside: as the
Creator, the Judge, the Knower of all things, the forgiver; and when we have
understood Him better, the next step is that the God that we have always seen
outside we now also find within, and that completes our worship. If we have only
found Him outside then we are His worshippers, but we remain separate from him
and there is no communion, which is the purpose of life.

The mind...

The mind is discontinuous.

Again and again it blanks out,

like in sleep or swoon or distraction.

There must be something continuous to register discontinuity.

Memory is always partial,

unreliable and evanescent.

It does not explain the strong sense of identity pervading consciousness,

the sense "I am".

Find out what is at the root of it.

Excerpts from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's I AM THAT

Jackson Browne--Doctor My Eyes


Crucifixion perfectly symbolizes the ongoing
dilemma of the ego.

One hand of your ego is, seemingly, nailed to
your memories about the past while your other
hand is, seemingly, nailed to your imaginings
about the future.

Although your body feels pain in the present
moment, your ego only adds to its own suffering
by blindly worshiping at the altars of memory
and imagination.

Until you fully surrender to the present moment,
you'll always feel that you're being crucified.

- Chuck Hillig

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

Seeds for the Soul
Chuck Hillig
Black Dot Publications, 2003

An Artist...

“He who works with his hands is a laborer.

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

― St. Francis of Assisi


Take away mind's attachment to the past

and mind is no-mind,

because mind is the
attachment itself.

So remove the attachments

and you will see the light of Peace and Love.

- Papaji

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"The Truth Is"
Sri H.W.L. Poonja

" Fame "...

I have been thinking of the concept of 'Fame', the other day.

I realised that the egoic consciousness of humans build up the ego of a separate entity into celebrity and then, at the peak of this celebrity, the egoic consciousness attempts to destroy the fame of the individual ego..

I think that this is the lesson of 'Fame'..

Everyone wants to be near the famous and will not leave the famous alone..

Therefore, you are denied the importance of 'Solitude' and the peacefulness that is found within..

This is 'Consciousness' teaching the 'ego' that egoic consciousness is a state of pain..

When I witness the people on television with their intense desire to become famous, I can see the future of pain that they will encounter on the road of this desire for egoic celebrity..

I know that the ego will create 'Drama' as it interacts with other ego's and pain will be shared with others..

Families will be destroyed.

Friendships will be broken.

Trust will disappear..

Betrayal will be common..

Fortunately for the victim of Fame..

"Fame is Fleeting"..

namaste, thomas


Those who want to prolong their ego's little existence

into the Overself's life

naturally draw back with shock or horror

when it is explained

that 'There',

'All' is anonymous and impersonal.

— Notebooks Category 22: Inspiration and the Overself > Chapter 3: The Overself's Presence > # 237 ... Paul Brunton

Lao Tsu-- Tao Te Ching Chapter 38

Why scurry about looking for the truth?

It vibrates in every thing and every not-thing, right off the tip of your nose.

Can you be still and see it in the mountain?

the pine tree?


Don't imagine that you'll discover it by accumulating more knowledge.

Knowledge creates doubt,

and doubt makes you ravenous for more knowledge.

You can't get full eating this way.

The wise person dines on something more subtle:

He eats the understanding that the named was born from the unnamed, that all being flows from non- being, that the describable world emanates from an indescribable source.

He finds this subtle truth inside his own self,

and becomes completely content.

So who can be still and watch the chess game of the world?

The foolish are always making impulsive moves, but the wise know that victory and defeat are decided by something more subtle.

They see that something perfect exists before any move is made.

This subtle perfection deteriorates when artificial actions are taken,

so be content not to disturb the peace.

Remain quiet.

Discover the harmony in your own being.

Embrace it.

If you can do this, you will gain everything,

and the world will become healthy again.

If you can't,

you will be lost in the shadows forever.

CAT STEVENS - The Wind (Live 1976)

Returning to Source...

The technique to return to your source is
very simple.

The outside attachments do
not allow sitting still and meditating.

avoid, for some time, all outside attachments
like you do when you sleep and have a very
peaceful night.

Practice this in the daytime.

The instant in which you forget all your
outside attachments will be the taste of
tremendous Love and Happiness.

Then slowly
you will stop looking outside until the outside
and the inside are the same causing both to
cease to exist.

- Papaji

I Am - Am Is


I have found that what we call reality,

is just an illusion created by Thought..

Once we dissolve this illusion by surrendering the ego,

We then find Ourselves in another Reality,

This can be called Nirvana or Divine Consciousness or whatever name that we can think of to describe the state of non-ego but still the state of Identity..

We still exist..

This is also an illusion..

But, this illusion contains the vibrations of Unconditional Love, Unlimited Light, and Continuous Knowledge..

This is why, It is so difficult to leave this state of existence..

This is why many call this state of existence, "God"..

It is the place of Creation..

We find that we are part of this Creation God..

As it is written; " I and the Father are One"..

When we surrender all belief in separation,

We then find that We are the Creation God called Divine Consciousness and not just a part of It..

Do We have the Courage and Love to surrender this state of existence to become "Nothing" ?..

This is the Final Door to walk through..

This is the Final Reality..

This is the place where there is no Identity or ego allowed..

This is "Pure Intelligence"..

This is "Source"...

namaste, thomas


The place of existence called Nirvana is really just Divine Consciousness..

This is our natural state of existence as Creation God..

But, this is not the end of Reality..

If You still exist as anything,

even as God..

Then You have not reached "Final Reality"..

Final Reality is the state of Nothingness, complete non-personality called "Pure

"You", no longer exist..

Only the "Source" of Consciousness does exist...

namaste, thomas


As long as you "Believe" that You are ego or separate self,

You will remain so..

Therefore, you will play the game of reincarnations.

Believing that somehow the ego can perfect itself into the perfection of God..

This is of course, not possible..

Illusion , such as ego is just another 'Dream' and a dream can never be

You have to ask 'yourself';

Who is trying to become God?..

namaste, thomas


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don't go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.
Don't go back to sleep.

From Essential Rumi
by Coleman Barks

What is a soul ?...

The question that we have to ask ourselves is;

What is the 'soul' and why does it need developing?..

If You are already 'Divine Consciousness',

What is this 'Division' called 'soul'?..

Does God need 'Developing' ?..

Does 'Unconditional Love' need to be more 'Unconditional'?..

When we are ready to move past the separation called soul,

Then we are ready for 'Freedom'...

namaste, thomas

Jim & Jean - Crucifixion

'The drop that became the Sea'...

Ask those who know,
what's this soul within the flesh?
Reality's own power.
What blood fills these veins?

Thought is an errand boy,
fear a mine of worries.
These sighs are love's clothing.
Who is the Khan on the throne?

Give thanks for His unity.
He created when nothing existed.
And since we are actually nothing,
what are all of Solomon's riches?

Ask Yunus and Taptuk
what the world means to them..
The world won't last.
What are You? What am I?

Yunus Emre, translated by Kabir Helminski and Refik Algan - 'The Drop That Became Sea'


What to remember when waking...

In that first
hardly noticed
to which you wake,
coming back
to this life
from the other
more secret,
and frighteningly
where everything
there is a small
into the new day
which closes
the moment
you begin
your plans.

What you can plan
is too small
for you to live.

What you can live
will make plans
for the vitality
hidden in your sleep.

To be human
is to become visible
while carrying
what is hidden
as a gift to others.

To remember
the other world
in this world
is to live in your
true inheritance.

You are not
a troubled guest
on this earth,
you are not
an accident
amidst other accidents
you were invited
from another and greater
than the one
from which
you have just emerged.

Now, looking through
the slanting light
of the morning
window toward
the mountain
of everything
that can be,
what urgency
calls you to your
one love? What shape
waits in the seed
of you to grow
and spread
its branches
against a future sky?

Is it waiting
in the fertile sea?
In the trees
beyond the house?
In the life
you can imagine
for yourself?
In the open
and lovely
white page
on the waiting desk?

~ David Whyte ~

(The House of Belonging)


During this meditation into Freedom.

you will meet the fear of death..

this is meant to stop your progress..

this is the ego's last attempt for existence..

keep walking past this fear..

Desire Truth more than life..

When you have conquered this last test..

You will Awaken from this Dream...

namaste, thomas

Pure Awareness...

It is like washing printed cloth.

First the design fades, then the background, and in the end the cloth is plain white.

The personality gives place to the witness,

then the witness goes and pure awareness remains.

The cloth was white in the beginning and is white in the end;

the patterns and colours just happened -

for a time.

Excerpts from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's I AM THAT

"I am That" and " I am not that"..

Nisargadatta and other teachers tell you that You are Divine Consciousness and
lead you to this discovery..

I followed the words of Gautama the Buddha and walked the road of "I am not

Both lead to Enlightenment..

I have found that the dissolving of the ego is faster in recognising Reality..

This is the path of Zen..

At this point of my Knowing,

I follow both paths..

Because, I know that once You have Realised that You are Divine Consciousness,

You still have to travel beyond this Realisation and dissolve this Realisation

Once again, You must surrender existence..

This is the secret of "Being"..

To Be Free,

You must Be Free from "Being"...

namaste, thomas

How to enter Reality...

While in meditation,

Give Everything that you are to the Source of All..

If you have the courage to become non-existent,

and fall into the blackness of non-existence,

Then You will Awaken into the Light of Reality and Consciousness..

namaste, thomas

In choosing death...

Rumi's words reminded me of the first time that I entered the Enlightenment of Reality..

The "I" that entered was not the ego or personality that I have known since birth..

This "I" was Light, Love, and Consciousness..

The 'I' of ego was lost through the surrender of ego suicide..

This death of ego is very difficult and often painful..

you must enter the 'Nothingness' of non-existence willingly..

You then Awaken as 'Real Self'..

Divine Consciousness..

The road beyond this Reality is the surrender of even this 'Creation God'..

The 'Source' of All, requires no Gods but One,

and this God has no name or ego..

But, we can call this Source,

Unconditional Love...

namaste, thomas

Choose death...

O you who are sincere,

if you want this Reality
to be unveiled,

choose death and tear up the

Not a death leading to the tomb,

but a death
which is transmutation and leads you into the

- Rumi

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

Muriel Maufroy
"Breathing Truth - Quotations from Jalaluddin Rumi"
Sanyar Press - London, 1997


"It is inherent in man,

imperfect though he is,

ceaselessly to strive after

In the attempt he falls into reverie.

And just as a child strives
to stand, falls down again and again,

and ultimately learns how to walk, even
so, man, with all his intelligence,

is a mere infant as compared to the infinite
and ageless God.

The goal ever recedes from us.

The greater the progress the greater the
recognition of our unworthiness.

Satisfaction lies in the effort - not in the

Full effort is full victory. "

Gandhi - The Way to God

James Taylor - Up On The Roof (live)

True Happiness...

True happiness cannot be found in things
that change and pass away.

Pleasure and
pain alternate inexorably.

Happiness comes
from the self and can be found in the self

Find your real self (swarupa) and all
else will come with it.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"I Am That"
Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
The Acorn Press, 1973

Distrust of Intellect...

"The wise who knows the Self as bodiless within the bodies,

as unchanging among changing things, as great and omnipresent,

does never grieve".

"That self cannot be gained by the Veda,

nor by understanding, nor by much learning.

He whom the Self chooses, by him the Self can be gained.

The Self chooses him (his body) as his own".

But he who has not first turned away from his wickedness,

who is not tranquil, and subdued,

or whose mind is not at rest,

he can never obtain the Self (even) by knowledge...

Katha Upanishad 1.2.22-24

Gregg Braden - The Holographic Nature of The Universe

The manifestation...

What is physical?..

Atoms placed far apart that our minds turn into the illusions of physicality..

Even the Atoms, when looked deeply upon, become vibrations..

There is no physical..

There is only the illusion of physical..

namaste, thomas

A new life...

When the ego is truly given up,

the old calculating life will go with it.

He will keep nothing back

but will trust everything to the Overself.

A higher power will arrange his days and plan his years...

— Notebooks Category 18: The Reverential Life > Chapter 4: Surrender > # 93
.... Paul Brunton

It's time !...

“Time to cash in your chips
put your ideas and beliefs on the table.
See who has the bigger hand
you or the Mystery that pervades you.

Time to scrape the mind's shit
off your shoes
undo the laces
that hold your prison together
and dangle your toes into emptiness.

Once you've put everything
on the table
once all of your currency is gone
and your pockets are full of air
all you've got left to gamble with
is yourself.

Go ahead, climb up onto the velvet top
of the highest stakes table.
Place yourself as the bet.
Look God in the eyes
and finally
for once in your life

― Adyashanti

Proof of Reality...

The only proof of Reality is to enter it..

all else is a dream..

It is your job to enter the door of Reality..

But, only "Nothingness" can enter...

namaste, thomas

Love is Now...

To have the feeling of Love is to "Be" without ego..

This is the time of Now..

This Now experience is without separation from that which you Love..

In pure and simple terms,

Love is the state of non-ego..

God is the state of non-ego..

This is why "Pure Intelligence" has no Identity..

There is no self-ish-ness within God,

As God is Complete Love...

namaste, thomas

What is Real?...

What begins must end.

What appears must

The duration of appearance is a
matter of relativity,

but the inviolable principle
is that

whatever is subject to time and duration
must end and is therefore not Real.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"A Net of Jewels"
Ramesh S. Balsekar
Advaita Press, 1996


There is a sacredness in tears.

They are not the mark of weakness,

but of power.

They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.

They are messengers of overwhelming grief…

and unspeakable love...

– Washington Irving

Talks With Sri Ramana Maharshi.

"Who says words with my mouth ?"...

All day I think about it, then at night I say it.
Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing?
I have no idea.
My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that,
and I intend to end up there.

This drunkenness began in some other tavern.
When I get back around to that place,
I'll be completely sober. Meanwhile,
I'm like a bird from another continent, sitting in this aviary.
The day is coming when I fly off,
but who is it now in my ear who hears my voice?
Who says words with my mouth?

Who looks out with my eyes? What is the soul?
I cannot stop asking.
If I could taste one sip of an answer,
I could break out of this prison for drunks.
I didn't come here of my own accord, and I can't leave that way.
Whoever brought me here will have to take me home.

This poetry, I never know what I'm going to say.
I don't plan it.
When I'm outside the saying of it,
I get very quiet and rarely speak at all.

From Essential Rumi
by Coleman Barks

The Overself...

With the feeling of the ego's displacement,

all feelings of devotional worship or mystical communion also come to an end.

For they presuppose duality,

a relation which vanishes where there is only the consciousness of a single entity--

the Overself.

— Notebooks Category 23: Advanced Contemplation > Chapter 7: Contemplative Stillness > # 128 ... Paul Brunton

The power of Now...

Present-moment awareness creates a gap

only in the stream of mind but also in the past-
future continuum.

Nothing truly new and creative
can come into this world except through that gap,

that clear space of infinite possibility.

- Eckhart Tolle

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"The Power of Now"
Eckhart Tolle
New World Library, 1999

"I Am That"...

Nothing is wrong with you,

but the ideas you have of yourself are altogether wrong.

It is not you who desires, fears and suffers,

it is the person built on the foundation of your body by circumstances and influences.

You are not that person.

Excerpts from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's I AM THAT

Book of Enlightenment...

Wholeness is a pure reflection of universal perfection in the heart of an individual being.

For the soul to become whole,

she must reach completion in her human existence and align her human identity with her awakening process.

She has to reach maximal integrity within her human personality before she is free to realize herself,

for unless the personality matures to the highest level of wisdom and purity,

she cannot integrate her human incarnation with her eternal essence.

The human consciousness of the soul must be refined to the point that it can serve as a suitable vehicle for her awakening and transcendence.


book of enlightenment



"Many are the means described for the attainment of the highest good,

such as
love, performance of duty, self-control, truthfulness, sacrifices, gifts,
austerity, charity, vows, observances of moral precepts.

I could name more.

of all I could name, verily love is the highest:

love and devotion that make one
forgetful of everything,

love that unites the lover with me.

What indescribable
joys does one find through love of me, the blissful Self!"

_Srimad Bhagavatam_
Translated and edited by Swami Prabhavananda
Madras: Sri Ramakrishna Math, 1972, pp. 240-241

Desire for Love...

Once the ego is dissolved,

You Realise that You are Love, Itself..

As Love Itself,

You do not need to Desire Love because All is Love Already..

There is Nothing that is not Love..

The veil of ego prevents us from Knowing this...

namaste, thomas

The Desire for Love...

The desire for Love means that you are not Love..

Once You have Realised that You are Love..

There is no more Desire...

namaste, thomas

Meher Baba...

"The Religion of Life is not fettered by mechanically repeated formulae of the
unenlightened, purblind and limited intellect.

It is dynamically energized by
the assimilation of Truth, grasped through lucid and unerring intuition,

never falters and never fails, because it has emerged out of the fusion of head
and heart, intellect and love."

Meher Baba
in Bal Natu
_Glimpses Of The God-Man_, Vol. VI
Myrtle Beach, SC: Sheriar Foundation, 1994, p. 87

Rumi quotes...

Christian, Jew, Muslim, shaman, Zoroastrian, stone, ground, mountain, river, each has a secret way of being with the mystery, unique and not to be judged.

Everyone is so afraid of death, but the real sufis just laugh: nothing tyrannizes their hearts. What strikes the oyster shell does not damage the pearl.

If in thirst you drink water from a cup, you see God in it. Those who are not in love with God will see only their own faces in it.

He is a letter to everyone. You open it. It says, 'Live!'

In truth everything and everyone
Is a shadow of the Beloved,
And our seeking is His seeking
And our words are His words...
We search for Him here and there,
while looking right at Him.
Sitting by His side, we ask:
'O Beloved, where is the Beloved?'

God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches you by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly - not one.

Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.

Don Henley- The End Of The Innocence

A Warning...

Once again must a warning be given against the dangers of falling into mere psychism

and seeking for phenomena, visions, miracles, and other things which are still in the realm of a kind of subtle materialism

and are always connected with the personal ego.

The true spiritual experience is higher than that, purer than that, and will leave him absolutely calm,

whereas the psychical phenomena leave him excited.

Every kind of such phenomena involves thought or emotion, whereas the deepest spiritual experience goes beneath thought and emotion

and especially beneath the personal ego.

Only then does one come in contact with the Infinite life-power which is behind everything and which is the true goal of this Quest.

Notebooks Category 1: Overview of the Quest > Chapter 5: Self-Development > # 433
.... Paul Brunton


Satsang is a tongueless teacher and headless

So shut your head,

let your Heart open,

and Truth will reveal itself to you in Silence.

pay attention to That with your open Heart.

- Papaji

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"The Truth Is"
Sri H.W.L. Poonja
Yudhishtara, 1995

I Am That...

Don't fight with what you take to be obstacles on your way.

Just be interested in them, watch them, observe, enquire.

Let anything happen - good or bad.

But don't let yourself be submerged by what happens.

The mind must learn that beyond the moving mind there is the background of awareness, which does not change.

The mind must come to know the true self and respect it and cease covering it up, like the moon which obscures the sun during solar eclipse.

Just realize that nothing observable, or experienceable is you, or binds you.

Take no notice of what is not yourself.

You are aware anyhow, you need not try to be.

What you need is to be aware of being aware.

Be aware deliberately and consciously, broaden and deepen the field of awareness.

You are always conscious of the mind, but you are not aware of yourself as being conscious.

Excerpts from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's I AM THAT

Henry David Thoreau Quotes...

On tops of mountains, as everywhere to hopeful souls, it is always morning.


All this worldly wisdom was once the amiable heresy of some wise man...


I heartily accept the motto, "That government is best which governs least"; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically...


Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison...


Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.


True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance.


Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.


As for Doing-good, that is one of the professions which are full.


I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.


Wherever a man goes, men will pursue him and paw him with their dirty institutions, and, if they can, constrain him to belong to their desperate oddfellow society.


Marvin Gaye "What's Going On"(Best Video Quality)


We slay a thousand dragons by catching this one dragon
called 'I'.

You have the power to bring the attention inwardly
again and again,

then you'll see that all appearances are
only coming and going, nothing is fixed.

Keep on confirming
this and the inner noise of identity and conditioning will get
washed out.

What remains is that pure space of Being."

- Mooji

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
from “Give Me A Pill” clip at

Disclosure of Extraterrestial Biological Entities...

This is often a topic of discussion and I would like to speak a little bit about it..

The recognition of other life forms in this and other dimensions is interesting and educational but not the 'be all and end all'..

The also are just seekers..

They contain more wisdom and knowledge but they are also on the path to Truth..

They speak of a better future and loving attitude within all humans and other entities..

This is of course welcome by me and most other souls, but the heaviest weight creates the largest muscle..

We volunteered to enter this little corner of hell as a quick learning device..

When, we find ourselves within a field of Love with the ego still present,

It will become more difficult to abandon the ego..

This is why the souls in the higher dimensions are still trapped within the path of learning..

They, like many of us,, look outside to know inside..

This road is long....

namaste, thomas


If the pride of spirituality enters your head, woe unto you.

It is the most awful bondage that ever existed.

Neither can wealth nor any other bondage of the human heart bind the soul so much as this.

"I am purer than others", is the most awful idea that can enter into the human heart.

In what sense are you pure?

The God in you is the God in all.

If you have not known this, you have known nothing.

How can there be difference?

It is all One.

Every being is the temple of the Most High.

If you can see that, well, if not, spirituality has yet to come to you.

____Swami Vivekananda


When the seeds of thought and conceptualization

are burnt to ash by pure Knowledge,

there is liberation

from the dream we call waking.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"A Net of Jewels"
Ramesh S. Balsekar
Advaita Press, 1996


"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out brief, brief candle!

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more; it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing."

~ R. H. Blyth

His Face...

Such is the seeker of the court of God:

when God comes, the seeker is no more.

Although union with God is immortality upon immortality,

yet at first that immortality consists in dying to self.

The reflections that are seeking the Light

disappear when His Light appears.

How should reason remain when He bids it go?

Everything is perishing except His Face.*

Before His Face the existent and the nonexistent perish:

existence in nonexistence is truly a marvelous thing!

In this place of presence all minds are lost beyond control;

when the pen reaches this point, it breaks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

--Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
Mathnawi III:4658-4663
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
"Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance"
Threshold Books, 1996
Persian transliteration courtesy of YahyĆ” Monastra

Judy Collins Who Knows Where the Time Goes(Sandy Denny)


"I hate quotations,

Tell me what you know"...

Ralph Waldo Emerson


This we have now
is not imagination.

This is not
grief or joy.

Not a judging state,
or an elation,
or sadness.

Those come and go.
This is the presence that doesn't.

From Essential Rumi
by Coleman Barks

Single Light...

There is only a single light of consciousness in the mind's camera.

Without it the world could not be photographed upon the film of our ego-mind.

Without it, the ego-mind itself would be just as blank.

That light is the Overself.

— Notebooks Category 8: The Ego > Chapter 1: What Am I? > # 78
.... Paul Brunton


Everything you accomplish as a human being is
momentary, perishable.

You come in this world
with nothing, you leave with nothing.

You can
peruse many things and die without knowing who
you are

but if you know who you are you can
never die.

- Mooji

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

Writing on Water
Mooji (Anthony Paul Moo-Young)
Padam Sangha Limited, London, 2011

Wisdom of Solomon...

"Wisdom is radiant and unfading, and she is easily
discerned by those who love her, and is found by those
who seek her. She hastens to make herself known to
those who desire her. He who rises early to seek her
will have no difficulty, for he will find her sitting
at his gates.

"To fix one's thought on her is perfect understanding,
and he who is vigilant on her account will soon be
free from care, because she goes about seeking those
worthy of her, and she graciously appears to them in
their paths, and meets them in every thought.

"The beginning of wisdom is the most sincere desire
for instruction, and concern for instruction is love
of her, and love of her is the keeping of her laws,
and giving heed to her laws is assurance of
immortality, and immortality brings one near to God;
so the desire for wisdom leads to a kingdom."

King Solomon
_Wisdom of Solomon_ 6:12-20
_Apocrypha_ [Revised Standard Version]

On The Road To Find Out - Cat Stevens - Harold & Maude


Intelligible.. the act of the intellect to understand..

Intellible is a finger pointing towards Truth..

The Intellect cannot enter Truth but can understand the path to Truth..

The Mind must be dissolved to enter Truth..

The Mind and Ego are the same..

Consciousness watches the Mind..

You are Consciousness until there is no You within Consciousness..

Then, there is only Freedom,

and yet, there is no one to Know that there is Freedom...

namaste, thomas


Can 'Source' be known?..

There is no knower of 'Source',

as there is no duality to gaze from..

Only in the 'Duality' of the Dream can Love look into the eyes of Love..

This is the meaning of Divine Consciousness..

We are Divine Consciousness looking into the eyes of Love..

When We stop looking through the eyes of Love,

We fall into the illusion of ego and selfishness..

What is Love, but the absence of ego...

namaste, thomas


Freedom is not
Freedom is not
Freedom is
where you feel joy.

Without learning anything
you know everything
and having everything
you are bound by nothing;
this is the true nature
of a free soul.

- Swami Amar Jyoti

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

"In Light of Wisdom"
Swami Amar Jyoti
Truth Consciousness, Boulder, Colorado, 1983


You have considered yourself to be a separate
"self" only because of having regarded a "solid"
object with a name,

that is the body, as yourself.

But in fact the body itself is nothing but an insig-
nificant, vastly intricate complex of electrical wave-

a series of rhythmic functions, a throb-
bing field of energy, and emptiness.

What you
actually are, then, is what everybody else is:

sentience itself. Therefore, instead of being a
puny self by way of an object,

you are indeed

- Ramesh S. Balsekar

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

A Net of Jewels"
Ramesh S. Balsekar
Advaita Press, 1996

Jackson Browne with Crosby, Stills and Nash - The Pretender - Madison Sq...

Joshu's Zen...

Joshu began the study of Zen when he was sixty years old and continued until he was eighty, when he realized Zen.

He taught from the age of eighty until he was one hundred and twenty.

A student once asked him: "If I haven't anything in my mind, what shall I do?"

Joshu replied: "Throw it out."

"But if I haven't anything, how can I throw it out?" continued the questioner.

"Well," said Joshu, "then carry it out."



Renunciation is always for a purpose; it is to kindle the soul that nothing may
hold it back from God, but when it is kindled, the life of renunciation is not

Bowl of Saki, October 3, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

Renunciation has an automatic action on the heart of man, an action which very
few realize because very few arrive at that stage where they can renounce. By
this action a spiritual spark is kindled in the soul; and when a person has
arrived at that stage he has taken the first step on the path of spirituality.
The spark produced by this action in the depths of the heart culminates in a
flame, a torch in life; and this changes the whole outlook on life. The whole
world seems changed, the same world in which one has lived and suffered and
enjoyed and learned and unlearned -- everything appears to change once
renunciation is learned. ... He alone is capable of renunciation who finds a
greater satisfaction in seeing another eat his piece of bread than in eating it

Only he whose heart is full of happiness after an act of renunciation should
make a renunciation. This shows that renunciation is not something that can be
learned or taught. It comes by itself as the soul develops, when the soul begins
to see the true value of things. All that is valuable to others a seer begins to
see differently. Thus the value of all the things that we consider precious or
not precious, is according to the way we look at them. For one person the
renunciation of a penny is too much; for another that of everything he possesses
is nothing. It depends on how we look at things. One rises above all that one
renounces in life. Man remains the slave of anything which he has not renounced;
of that which he has renounced he becomes king. This whole world can become a
kingdom to a person who has renounced it. Renunciation depends upon the
evolution of the soul. One who has not evolved spiritually cannot really
renounce. Toys so precious to children mean nothing to the grown-up; it is easy
to renounce them; and so it is for those who develop spiritually; for them all
things are easy to renounce.

Be obstinate in the path of success. Nothing should keep you back from your
effort when your resolution is once taken. Renounce your object of attainment
only when you have reached it and you have a better one in view. But when you
have attained the object and you cling to it, then you hinder your own progress,
for the object is greater than yourself. You are greater than the object when
you are able to renounce it after attaining it.

Some lead the life of renunciation, others have family, friends and all things,
because renunciation is always for a purpose. It is to kindle the soul, that
there may be nothing to hold the soul back from God, but when the soul is
kindled the life of renunciation is not a necessity.

It is as Fariduddin Attar, the great Persian poet, says, 'Renounce the good of
the world, renounce the good of heaven, renounce your highest ideal, and then
renounce your renunciation.'

" I Am "...

The 'I Am' is Divine Consciousness but the 'Watcher' of Divine Consciousness is called 'Source'..

There is no 'I' in Source..

There is no 'ego' or 'Identity' within Complete Love..

To be absorbed back into Source,

'I Am' and 'I' must be abandoned..

namaste, thomas

Unconditional Love is Freedom...

"If I love you because you love me,

that is mere trade,

a thing to be bought in the market;

it is not love.

To love is not to ask anything in return,

not even to feel that you are giving something -

and it is only such love that can know freedom."

~ Krishnamurti


When the stream of love flows in its full strength, it purifies all that stands in its way, as the Ganges - according to the teaching of the ancients - purifies all those who plunge into its sacred waters.

Bowl of Saki, September 30, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

When God's divine love rises as a wave, it washes away the sins of the whole life in a moment, for law has no power to stand before love: the stream of love sweeps it away.

Forgiveness is a stream of love which washes away all impurities wherever it flows. By keeping this spring of love, which is in the heart of man, running, man is able to forgive, however great the fault of his fellow man may seem. One who cannot forgive closes his heart. The sign of spirituality is that there is nothing you cannot forgive, there is no fault you cannot forget. Do not think that he who has committed a fault yesterday must do the same today, for life is constantly teaching and it is possible in one moment a sinner may turn into a saint.

True happiness is in love, which is the stream that springs from one's soul. He who will allow this stream to run continually in all conditions of life, in all situations, however difficult, will have a happiness which truly belongs to him, the source of which is not without, but within. If there is a constant outpouring of love one becomes a divine fountain, for from the depth of the fountain rises the stream and, on its return, it pours upon the fountain, bathing it continually. It is a divine bath, the true bath in the Ganges, the sacred river.

past and future...

It is the clinging to the false that makes the true so difficult to see.

Once you
understand that the false needs time and what needs time is false, you are nearer
the Reality, which is timeless, ever in the now.

Eternity in time is mere
repetitiveness, like the movement of a clock.

It flows from the past into the
future endlessly, as empty perpetuity.

Reality is what makes the present so
vital, so different from the past and future, which are merely mental.

If you
need time to achieve something, it must be false.

The real is always with you; you
need not wait to be what you are.

Only you must not allow your mind to go out
of yourself in search.

When you want something, ask yourself: do I really need
it? and if the answer is no, then just drop it.

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Enlightenment depends...

"Imagine training your mind so that when you look at every single living being, you think, 'My enlightenment depends on that being.

The drunk who just got on the bus--my enlightenment depends on him.

The soldier in Iraq--my enlightenment depends on him.

My brothers and sisters, the teller at the bank, the janitor at my workplace, the president of the United States, the suicide bombers in the Middle East, the slug in my garden, my eighth-grade boyfriend, the babysitter when I was a kid--my enlightenment depends on each of them.'

All sentient beings are actually that precious to us."

~ Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron

From the book, "Cultivating a Compassionate Heart: The Yoga Method of Chenrezig," published by Snow Lion Publications.

"Silence is Golden" Carmelite Nuns 1/2

the Overself...

When the personal ego's thoughts and desires are stripped off,

we behold ourselves as we were in the first state and as we shall be in the final one.

We are then the Overself alone,

in its Godlike solitude and stillness...

— Notebooks Category 24: The Peace within You > Chapter 4: Seek the Deeper Stillness > # 1 .... Paul Brunton


Good weapons are instruments of fear; all creatures hate them.
Therefore followers of Tao never use them.
The wise man prefers the left.
The man of war prefers the right.

Weapons are instruments of fear; they are not a wise man's tools.
He uses them only when he has no choice.
Peace and quiet are dear to his heart,
And victory no cause for rejoicing.
If you rejoice in victory, then you delight in killing;
If you delight in killing, you cannot fulfill yourself.

On happy occasions precedence is given to the left.
On sad occasions to the right.
In the army the general stands on the left.
The commander-in-chief on the right.
This means that war is conducted like a funeral.
When many people are being killed,
They should be mourned in heartfelt sorrow.
That is why a victory must be observed like a funeral.

- Lao-tzu

Divine Consciousness..

This is the state of action without ego..

It is You as Consciousness witnessing the illusions while not being part of

It is the state of Reality experiencing the Dream...

namaste, thomas