Fear of non-existence...

This Knowledge is important to understand, therefore, I will speak more about it..........
you speak of fear..
where is the source of your fear?..
It is the source of ego death..
It is the pain of the non existence of Consciousness..
It is both..
It is the imaginary you that desires happiness forever..
you believe that happiness only exists within existence..
whether this existence is life or God..

who is the one that seeks happiness?
if there is happiness, then, there must be unhappiness..
who experiences each?
In Pure Intelligence, neither is needed..
as there is no ego or identity to feel either..

can you imagine the courage that You would need to give up the desire to exist as God?..
this is why most Saints remain as Divine Consciousness..

your beliefs will lead you to the dimension that your desires of ego draw you to..
this karma causing ego will learn about the ego before reentering another body for fulfillment of desires..

this knowledge will stay within Consciousness and can be accessed when you surrender the belief in separate egoic consciousness..
this is not accomplished merely by saying that you believe.
this Consciousness is Realized only after You have surrendered the ego.

This Awakening into Consciousness is felt as an actual death..
this is the death of ego and fear..
because ego is fear..

.......... namaste, thomas

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