Bhagavad Gita...

"The blessed Lord said,
'High the root, low the branch,
they say the ashvattha tree is eternal;
its leaves are sacred hymns.
Whoever knows this is a Veda knower.
Below and above its branches spread,
nourished by qualities sprouting sense objects,
and below the roots stretch forth
engendering action in the human world.
Its form is not perceived here in this way
nor the end nor the beginning nor the maintenance.
This ashvattha tree with fully grown root
being cut down by the strong ax of detachment,
then that place is to be sought,
having gone to which they do not return again;
and I take refuge in that primal Spirit
from where ancient progress flowed.

"'Without arrogant delusions,
with evil attachments conquered,
the eternal oversouls, with desires turned away,
released from dualities known as pleasure-pain,
go unconfused to that imperishable place.
The sun does not illumine nor the moon nor fire
that place going to which they do not return;
that is my supreme home.
My primeval part becoming alive in the world of the living
draws existing in nature the senses,
of which the mind is the sixth.

"'When the Lord acquires a body,
and also when the Lord departs,
taking these the wind blows scents as if from the source.
Presiding over hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell,
and mind, this one enjoys the objects of the senses.

"'Whether it is departing, staying, or enjoying,
those confused by the accompanying qualities do not perceive;
those with the eye of knowledge do perceive.
And striving yogis perceive this one existing in the soul,
while striving undisciplined thoughtless souls
do not perceive this one.

"'That brilliant sunshine which lights the entire universe,
the brilliance which is in the moon and in fire,
know that to be mine.
And entering the earth I maintain creatures with energy,
and I nourish all plants becoming the flavor-souled nectar.
Becoming digestive fire entering the body of the breathing
uniting with the breath I digest the fourfold food.
And I am seated in the hearts of all;
from me are memory, knowledge, and reasoning;
and I am recognized by all the Vedas;
I am the Vedanta maker and the Veda knower.

"'There are these two spirits in the world,
perishable and imperishable,
and all creatures are perishable;
the imperishable is called unchanging.

"'But the highest spirit is another,
called the supreme soul, who,
entering the three worlds as the undying Lord,
supports them.
Since I transcend the perishable
and am higher than the imperishable,
therefore I am celebrated in the world and in the Veda
as the highest spirit.
Whoever thus unconfused knows me as the highest spirit,
this omniscient one worships me
with the whole being, Bharata.
So this most secret doctrine explained by me, blameless one,
intuiting this, one should be enlightened
and accomplished, Bharata.'

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