If you meditate on the meaning of Love, you will find that it is the state of non-ego.. Love cannot exist when ego is present as these two energies are opposites.. This is why we could even give up our own life for that which we Love, as Love is more powerful than ego.. This is why a person without ego is so attractive to others as the Light of God shines from them.. This is the reason that we must eliminate the ego if we wish to rejoin the Consciousnes of God, for God is Love, and will not have any other gods present, especially the false god called "the ego"............namaste, thomas

Negative Thoughts...

Mentalism says that most of one's misery is inflicted on oneself by accepting and holding negative thoughts. They cover and hide the still centre of one's being, which is infinite happiness.........Paul Brunton

THREE STEPS IN HEALING by Joseph Murphy...

1. The first step in healing is not to be afraid of
the manifest condition -- from this very moment.

2. The second step is to realize that the condition
is only the product of past thinking, which will have
no more power to continue its existence.

3. The third step is mentally to exalt the miraculous
healing power of God within you. This procedure
instantly will stop the production of all mental
poisons in you or in the person for whom you are
praying. Live in the embodiment of your desire,
and your thought and feeling will soon be made
manifest. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by human
opinion and worldly fears, but live emotionally in
the belief that it is God in action in your mind and
body. By thought and feeling what you desire is brought
to you, by action you receive it.

After you have imagined and felt the state you desire,
your subconscious will direct your actions step by step
until it is manifested. You won't even be aware that you
are doing what needs to be done in order to manifest it.
It is magical.

Don’t Blame the Lettuce ...

"When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you
don't blame the lettuce. You look into the reasons it is
not doing well. It may need fertilizer, or more water, or
less sun. You never blame the lettuce. Yet if we have
problems with our friends or our family, we blame the other
person. But if we know how to take care of them, they will
grow well, like lettuce. Blaming has no positive effect at
all, nor does trying to persuade using reason and arguments.
That is my experience. No blame, no reasoning, no argument,
just understanding. If you understand, and you show that you
understand, you can love, and the situation will change."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh


In August 2004 something happened that corrected a basic mistake in perception I’d lived with all my life. Prior to this occurrence I thought I was an individual consciousness experiencing an infinitely large, infinitely old, external universe of real objects. What I discovered, however, is that the consciousness I mistakenly perceived as belonging to an individual (Me), is in actuality God consciousness, the One consciousness, and that Me, the universe and everything in it are vague, ephemeral thought-forms appearing in and out of emptiness in a timeless, spaceless Now.

an exerpt from from Bart Marshall: Realization


Empathy with someone else's pain or lack and a desire to help need to be balanced with a deeper realization of the eternal nature of all life and the illusion of all pain. Then let your peace flow into whatever you do, and you will be working on the levels of effect and cause simultaneously.....

Eckhart Tolle

Jnani and Bhakti...

The term jnani means seer, or one who has pursued spiritual growth through wisdom or insight. It is used as a noun to describe a type of person, or an individual like Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha), and is also used as an adjective to indicate the concepts and practices of a particular path. In India the term is often contrasted with the term bhakti, meaning devotee or devotion.


If he is not too proud to begin at the point where he finds himself rather than
at some point where he once was or would now like to be, if he is willing to
advance one step at a time, he may realize his goal far more quickly than the
less humble and more pretentious man is likely to realize it.........Paul Brunton

Buddha's Last Words...

As the Buddha was dying,
Ananda asked
who would be their teacher after death.
He replied to his disciple -

"Be lamps unto yourselves.
Be refuges unto yourselves.
Take yourself no external refuge.
Hold fast to the truth as a lamp.
Hold fast to the truth as a refuge.
Look not for a refuge in anyone besides yourselves.
And those, Ananda, who either now or after I am dead,
Shall be a lamp unto themselves,
Shall betake themselves as no external refuge,
But holding fast to the truth as their lamp,
Holding fast to the truth as their refuge,
Shall not look for refuge to anyone else besides themselves,
It is they who shall reach to the very topmost height;
But they must be anxious to learn.".........Gautama the Buddha

a jnani...

One does not become a jnani simply by reading philosophy. That is a great
misconception. Many people believe that you can spiritually unfold or evolve
into a jnani through reading books, through understanding another's unfoldment
or performing meditations that he once performed. Understanding another person's
wisdom does not make us wise. Each has to experience the fullness of the path to
enlightenment himself.

The jnani becomes one who postulates that what he has himself realized are the
final conclusions for all mankind. His postulations are filled with assuredness,
for he has experienced what the Vedas, the Agamas and the Upanishads speak of.
He has awakened the power and force of his own realization. He knows. He becomes
the embodiment of that knowing, of the Truth he once sought as something other
than himself. He finds within the scriptures confirmation of his realization
echoed in the verses of rishis written at the dawn of human history.

The Gospel of Thomas...

Jesus saw a Samaritan carrying a lamb and going to Judea. He said to his disciples, "that person ... around the lamb." They said to him, "So that he may kill it and eat it." He said to them, "He will not eat it while it is alive, but only after he has killed it and it has become a carcass."

They said, "Otherwise he can't do it."

He said to them, "So also with you, seek for yourselves a place for rest, or you might become a carcass and be eaten."

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Jesus is saying that your ego must become a carcass, it must become dead.. A place for rest refers to the state of non-ego and recognition of the peace of non desire..Or, you will stay within the illusion of the ego and body and continue in the life and death illusion and continue in ignorance...........namaste, thomas

All Things Change...

If you realize that all things change,
there is nothing you will try to hold on to.
If you aren't afraid of dying,
there is nothing you can't achieve.

Trying to control the future
is like trying to take the master carpenter's place.
When you handle the master carpenter's tools,
chances are that you'll cut yourself.

(Tao Te Ching, trans. by Stephen Mitchell)


He should not be discouraged because others have gone ahead on the path more quickly than he, any more than he should be gratified because some have gone ahead more slowly than he, for the fact is that the goal he seeks is already within his grasp. He is the Overself that he seeks to unite with, and the time it seems to take to realize this is itself an illusion of the mind. Let him, therefore, go forward at his own rate and within the limits of his own strength, leaving the result in the hands of God..........Paul Brunton


"A door swings open in the center of our being and we seem to fall through it into immense depths which, although they are infinite, are all accessible to us; all eternity seems to have become ours in this one placid and breathless contact. Where already, supernatural instinct teaches us that the function of this abyss of freedom, which has been open within our midsts, is to draw us utterly out of our own selfhood and into its own immensity of liberation.".........

Thomas Merton

Who is Wise?

"Who is wise,
The eloquent or the quiet man?
Be quiet,
And loving and fearless."

"For the mind talks.
But the body knows."

"Gray hairs do not make a master.
A man may grow old in vain."

"The true master lives in truth,
In goodness and restraint,
Nonviolence, moderation and purity."

Gautama the Buddha


A concern that I have is the belief by others that Heaven is the destination
that we must enter.. I believe that there are many levels of Heaven and that
Heaven is not the final freedom.. In this state of Heaven, you are still
separate from God.. you are still experiencing Duality.. You are still not aware
that you and God are One.. you still see other souls as separate from you and
from God.. this is why I believe that the Heavens are actually schools of
Spiritual learning for your next incarnation into the material planes, until you
are finally able to surrender the ego and have the courage to face the death of
the ego and enter Reality with the Knowledge that you and God are One... As
Jesus said:" You must die, to be born again".. He was speaking of the death of
the ego and the birth into Reality..........namaste, thomas

The Fear of Death...

The fear of Death is actually the Ego fearing that it will not exist any longer.. Fear is mentioned many times in Spiritual writings because it not only causes pain in the physical life but also is the reason why many connot achieve Enlightenment.. To enter the Enlightenment experience, you must conquer the greatest Fear.. and that is the Fear of Death.. You must want to mentally die.. If you have a strong belief in life after death, then it will be easier to accomplish this.. But, the main point is that the only way to enter Enlightenment is to sacrifice your desire for life and truly want to become Nothing.. Once, you have achieved this state of mind and surrendered the Ego, then and only then, you will enter the state of non-ego, which is the state of God Consciousness.. you will then Realize that becoming Nothing is becoming Everything..............namaste, thomas

The Trap of Meaninglessness...

There are other traps that are inherent in within this process of going from the initial glimpse of awakening to real abiding awakening. There are several of them that come up and again these traps or these cul-de-sacs, these delusions aren’t inherent to awakening itself but they arise with the mind’s relationship with the awakened view because the awakened view is so far beyond the mind that the mind truly can’t contain it but the mind’s inherent nature is to try to contain everything that it sees. And so one of these very common traps that people can get into is a sense of meaninglessness.

Now this can arise because from the stand point of reality we are free from the egoic desire to find meaning. We see that the egos desire to find meaning in its life is actually a surrogate, a substitute for having a direct connection with life, for having the perception of ‘you are life itself.’ But if we don’t feel that, if we don’t know that , we don’t experience that, then we need surrogates, we need something to stand in to fill the gap as it were. And as egos, what the ego uses is meaning, ‘I’m trying to find the meaning in my life, what’s the meaning to my life. Only someone who is disconnected from life itself will seek meaning. Only someone that’s disconnected from life will look for purpose. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t look for meaning or shouldn’t look for purpose. Actually they are probably wise strategies that are used to help people cope with life. But remember that these egoic yearning for ‘what’s the meaning of my life?, what’s the meaning of my existence?, what’s the purpose of my existence?’ are ultimately derived from a state where we have no real knowledge of what we are, where we’re disconnected from our true nature. I don’t mean actually disconnected, I mean unconscious of.

So when there’s a true realization, when we wake up from the dream state, when we wake up from the ego, what is realized, part of the realization is the search for meaning is now no longer appropriate. When one has a direct connection with life, all of a sudden to find one’s meaning, to find one’s purpose seems to be a rather paltry thing, to be a small thing, to be insignificant. It’s no longer really a drive in our life. The drive for meaning and purpose falls out of our life because we are literally in a different perspective. In a perspective where such things don’t really exist or certainly they don’t exist in the old way, they don’t exist from the egoic standpoint.

Now the mind will perceive this, this truth, this truth that when we wake up from the dream state we see that the dream state is a dream state. How could a dream state have meaning? How could a dream state have purpose. It’s a dream. And that’s very true but as I say over and over, there’s still a human being and there’s still a human mind. And the mind is trying to make sense of all this. The mind is even trying to make sense of awakening itself. It’s trying to make sense of the view of awakening. And as I have also said, for most people there’s not a total disappearance of the ego, of that which is the experience of division. And so the mind is in relationship with the insights of reality, at times. And the mind will start to say, ‘Oh God, there’s no meaning!’ And what’s left of the ego will say, “There’s no meaning! I now have no purpose or meaning! Its like you’ve seen too much of Reality to believe in purpose or meaning.

From The End of Your World - Adyashanti

Being finite and Limited...

When the Bible says, "No man hath seen God at any time," it means that the sense and thought perceptions of man, being finite and limited in range, cannot comprehend what is infinite and unlimited. That Jesus knew of a Real beyond intellection may be gleaned from his saying, "Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?" which is curiously reminiscent of an Indian saying by Ashtavakra: "A million thoughts will only yield another thought." Simply because it eludes conscious grasp, we can form no conception of Mind as reality. For consciousness of anything particular is a signal that the thing is intellectually graspable--that is, finite and limited. But that whose holy presence itself makes thought possible, cannot be expected to step down to the level of denying its own grandly immeasurable and timeless infinitude. The moment particularized consciousness appears, that moment there will also be relativity, and the moment relativity appears, that moment duality with all its transience and destructibility must be there too. Consequently, we cannot have our Overself with all its nonduality and non-limitation and have this kind of consciousness too...........Paul Brunton

Success or Failure...

Our success or failure depends upon the harmony or disharmony of our individual
will with the Divine Will.

Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

It is the Divine Will that is manifested throughout the whole universe, which
has created the whole universe; and it is part of the divine will that manifests
itself through us. Everything we do in life is governed and directed by that
power. ... Now coming to the question of the will of man as opposed to the will
of God: which is which? We understand the difference when we perceive that the
nature of will power differs only according to whether it exists in its
fullness, or whether it is limited. The will power in its fullness is divine
power; the will power in its limited state is the individual will.

Resignation is a quality of the saintly souls. It is bitter in taste but sweet
in result. Whatever a man's power and position in life may be, he has always to
meet with a more powerful will, in whatever form it may manifest. In truth this
is the divine will. By opposing the divine will one may break oneself; but by
resigning oneself to the divine will one opens up a way.

We come to understand that there are two aspects of will working through all
things in life. One is the individual will, the other the divine will. When a
person goes against the divine will, naturally his human will fails and he finds
difficulties, because he is swimming against the tide. The moment a person works
in consonance, in harmony with the divine will, things become smooth.

Sometimes things are accomplished without the least effort. When it is the
divine will it is like something floating on water; it advances without effort.
Problems and actions may be achieved in a moment then, whilst at other times the
smallest problem cannot be solved without great difficulty. One finds that some
persons are very clever and experienced in industrial work or in politics; and
they have striven very hard to attain their goal, and yet have accomplished
nothing; they are always a failure. And there are others who take up a thing,
and without much effort, without much worry on their part they complete it and
attain their goal.

All this is accounted for by harmony with the divine will. Everyone experiences
such a thing at some time or other. When things are in harmony with the divine
will, everything is there; we just glance towards a thing and it is found, as in
the saying, 'Word spoken, action done.' When we strive with all the material in
our hands and yet cannot achieve our desire, that is when the matter is contrary
to the divine will. Our success or failure all depends upon the harmony or
disharmony of our individual will with the divine will. ... Contentment and
perfect resignation open up a harmonious feeling and bring the divine will into
harmony with our own. Our blessing now becomes a divine blessing, our words
divine words, our atmosphere a divine atmosphere, although we seem to be limited
beings; for our will becomes absorbed into the whole, and so our will becomes
the will of God.


Nothing is born, nothing is destroyed.
Away with your dualism, your likes and dislikes.
Every single thing is just the One Mind.
When you have perceived this,
you will have mounted the Chariot of the Buddhas.

-Huang Po, "Zen Teaching of Huang

The Mystical "I"...

All discord, all inharmony, and all error are experienced because of a sense of separation from God. But this sense of separation from God is not your fault personally. It is the universal belief that has come down to us from the allegorical experience of Adam and Eve being cast out of the Garden of Eden. Nevertheless, this universal sense of separation from God is responsible for our sins, diseases, death, lack, and limitation. Therefore, immortality and infinity can be returned to us only as we return to the Father's house.

This means to realize that what you are looking at with your eyes is not "I". "I am" invisible; "I am" omnipresence; "I am" omnipotence; "I am" omniscience. You prove this by not taking thought, by being still, and by letting the Omniscience that "I am" reveal to you whatever wisdom, guidance, or direction is necessary at this moment. You prove this by being still in the listening attitude, letting Omnipresence prove Itself to be the only power. You prove this by taking no thought for your life or anything that concerns your life, and letting Omnipresence prove Omnipresence.

This cannot be done intellectually. It can be done only through unknowing, through silence. Silence is your resting place. Silence is your abiding place, your living place. Live and move and have your being in silence, and then the still small voice will utter itself and live your life.

~ Joel S. Goldsmith, The Mystical "I".

The Unawakened Ego..

The unawakened ego submits passively to the lower influences which come to it out of the shadows of its own long past and to the sense-stirring suggestions which come to it out of the surroundings in which it moves. But when it has found and surrendered to the Overself in the heart, this blind, mechanical responsiveness comes to an end and an aroused, enlightened, fully aware, inner rulership replaces it...........Paul Brunton

Snow Geese...

Oh, to love what is lovely, and will not last!
What a task
to ask

of anything, or anyone,

yet it is ours,
and not by the century or the year, but by the hours.

One fall day I heard
above me, and above the sting of the wind, a sound
I did not know, and my look shot upward; it was

a flock of snow geese, winging it
faster than the ones we usually see,
and, being the color of snow, catching the sun

so they were, in part at least, golden. I

held my breath
as we do
to stop time
when something wonderful
has touched us

as with a match,
which is lit, and bright,
but does not hurt
in the common way,

but delightfully,
as if delight
were the most serious thing
you ever felt.

The geese
flew on,
I have never seen them again.

Maybe I will, someday, somewhere.
Maybe I won't.
It doesn't matter.
What matters
is that, when I saw them,
I saw them
as through the veil, secretly, joyfully, clearly.

~ Mary Oliver ~

(Why I Wake Early)

The Invisible...

What we see is not the most important.
Could dust rise without the invisible
hand of the wind?
Could a fan turn without any current?
Could lungs breathe without breath?
Tell me
What is the shape of Love?
How much does Joy weigh
when held in the palm of your hand?
Can you catch the Spirit of Life in a jar?

All things seen depend
upon the Unseen.
All sounds depend upon Silence.
All things felt depend
upon what is not felt.

. - Adyashanti

God is Active...

The Energy and Consciousness that we call God has found Itself "Bored" by
existing within Itself without sharing the Energy that is called "Love"... This
is the Power and Energy of Non-Ego.. This is the Power of "Selflessness".. This
is the power of Unity...This is the Energy and Power called Creativity.. This
creativity is the sharing of Love.. This is why Humans create music and art, and
in Truth, they will tell you that this talent flows through them instead of from
them.. This Creativity within us is actually the flow of the energy of Love from
God.........namaste, thomas

He who wants to understand, will understand...

Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

In India it is considered a great sin to awaken anyone who is asleep. If a man
is asleep, do not wake him; let him sleep; it is the time for him to sleep; it
will not do to wake him before his time. Thus a mystic understands also that a
person who is taking his time to wake up must not be awakened to give him the
mystic's idea. It would be a sin, because he is not prepared to understand it,
and his beliefs would be shaken. Let him go on thinking God is in Benares; let
him think He is in the temple of Buddha; let him think He is in heaven; let him
think He is in the seventh heaven above the sky. It is the beginning; he will
evolve in time and arrive at the same stage. The rest he is having just now is
good for him. The awakening comes, all in its good time.

This explains what is meant by saying that Sufism is a religious philosophy; the
philosophy is clothed with religion, that it may not break the ideals and faiths
and beliefs of those who are beginning their journey towards the goal.
Externally: the religion, inwardly: the philosophy. The one who wants to
understand will understand. 'He who has ears to hear, let him hear.'

In whatever form, life expresses its meaning, if only man is able to understand
it. The one who does not understand this will not understand life's meaning. His
inner sense is closed; it is just like being deaf. In the same way his sense of
communication with things has become dull, he does not understand them. But if a
person does not hear he may not say that life is not speaking. In the same way,
if a person cannot sense the meaning of life, he may not say that life has no
meaning. The word is everywhere, and the word is continually speaking.

A mystic removes the barrier that stands between himself and another person by
trying to look at life not only from his own point of view, but also from the
point of view of another. All disputes and disagreements arise from people's
misunderstanding of each other. Mostly, people misunderstand each other because
they have their fixed points of view and are not willing to move from them. ...
If we are willing to understand, then understanding is within our reach. Very
often, however, we are not willing to understand, and that is why we do not
understand. Mankind suffers from a sort of stubbornness. A man goes against what
he thinks is coming from another person. Yet, everything he has learned has come
from others, he has not learned one word from himself. All the same, he calls it
his argument, his idea, and his view, although it is no such thing. He has
always taken it from somewhere. It is by accepting this fact that a mystic
understands all, and it is this which makes him a friend of all.

Inward Seeing...

The translation of the Sanskrit phrase antardrishti is literally "inward seeing" in the sense of seeing beneath appearances what is under them. It does not refer to clairvoyance in the psychic sense, but rather to the metaphysical or mystical sense. It can be particularized as meaning entering into the witness state of consciousness. The ordinary person sees only the object; penetrating deeper, he enters the witness state which is an intermediate condition; going still deeper, he reaches the ultimate state of Reality when there is no subject or object, whereas in the witness there is still subject and object, but the subject no longer identifies himself with the object as the ordinary man does.........Paul Brunton

Meditation and Purification...

Student reads from PB: "Meditation without purification may be dangerous."

S: What kind of meaning would he put into purification?

AD: It covers the gamut. Purification is something that you gradually keep adding to. You don't try all at once to do everything. But you try to live a more ethical life, you try to take care of your body. You attempt to leave out any unethical actions. If there is hatred in a person's heart he really can't meditate. If there is preoccupation with some greed or lust, all these things must gradually be weeded out. So it is in the grand sense that purification must be taken. We can only do it a little at a time. As long as a person is constantly striving to improve his ethics, his character, his morality, then it is all right.

But some people sit to meditate and their heart is full of envy or hatred or something. They are asking for trouble, because it boomerangs, comes right back. Do you remember we pointed out that meditation is very creative, the kind of thoughts you think in those periods when your mind is concentrated inevitably have to get manifested? So meditation without purification may be dangerous.

-- Anthony Damiani and student 8/83

'Does the devil exist or not?...

'He exists as a temporary idea but not as a permanent Reality.
I'll explain. When you think of the devil, what do you really
have? Only a thought. Now, if it remained only a simple idea
no harm could come to an individual. But the idea of a devil
gets wrongly mixed up with self-reference, fearful imagination,
a hypnotic attraction to danger, and other harmful states.
So now the careless person is taken over and controlled by this
directionless mass of wild energy which is called the devil.
This is the cause of all human violence and suffering.'"................Vernon Howard

Purity of Heart...

Whenever the wavering and unsteadfast heart wanders away, then so often let him subdue it and bring it back to the control of the soul; For supreme happiness comes to the Yogin whose heart is at rest, in whom passion is tranquilised, who is one with Brahma, and free from sin. The Yogin thus uniting his soul (to Brahma), who has ceased from sin, enjoys easily the boundless happiness of union (lit. contact) with Brahma.
Bhagavad Gita 6:26-29


The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others. They are open to gestures of love. They think about love, and express their love in every action. They know that love is not a mere sentiment, but the ultimate truth at the heart of the universe.” ......
Deepak Chopra

In the depths of falsehood there is Truth...

When a man looks at the ocean, he can only see that part of it which comes
within his range of vision; so it is with the truth.

Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

As there is water in the depths of the earth, so there is truth at the bottom of
all things, false or true. In some places, one has to dig deep; in other places,
only a short distance; that is the only difference. But there is no place where
there is no water. One may have to dig very, very deep in order to get it; but
in the depths of the earth, there is water, and in the depths of all this
falsehood that is on the surface, there is truth. If we are really seeking for
the truth, we shall always find it.

Man with his learning becomes so proud that he thinks there is nothing else
worthy of attention. He does not know that there is a perfection of wisdom
before which he is not even like a drop in the ocean. Man looks at the surface
of the ocean, yet he is so small that he cannot even be compared with one of its
drops, limited as he is in intellect and knowledge. He seeks to find out about
the whole of creation, whereas those who have touched it have bowed before God,
forgetting their limited selves. After that God remained with them and spoke
through them. These are the only beings who have been able to give any truth to
the world.

When we consider the mystics and thinkers who look at life from a spiritual
point of view, they all agree, be they Yogis, Sufis, Buddhists, or Christians --
it does not matter which. When they arrive at a certain stage of understanding
they all agree, they all have the same experiences, they all have the same
realization to which they come in spite of all differences of form: those who
look at the surface see variations, but those who look below the surface see one
and the same truth hidden beneath all religions, which have been given at
different times by different masters. Naturally, therefore, the method of
expression is different, but when one comes to the essence it is all one and the
same, and those who are spiritually evolved come to the conclusion that they do
not differ one from the other in their belief.

All beliefs are simply degrees of clearness of vision. All are part of one ocean
of truth. The more this is realized the easier is it to see the true
relationship between all beliefs, and the wider does the vision of the one great
ocean become. Limitations and boundaries are inevitable in human life; forms and
conventions are natural and necessary; but they none the less separate humanity.
It is the wise who can meet one another beyond these boundaries.

The Source is Within...

The source of wisdom and power, of love and beauty, is within ourselves, but not within our egos. It is within our consciousness. Indeed, its presence provides us with a conscious contrast which enables us to speak of the ego as if it were something different and apart: it is the true Self whereas the ego is only an illusion of the mind.......... Paul Brunton

The Flow...

Do not struggle. Go with the flow of things, and you will find yourself at one with the mysterious unity of the Universe.......

By Chuang Tzu

There is No-one else but Thee..

This is the door to Freedom.. to Know that there is no one else but thee.. Know this well and realize that this is the final Knowledge to learn.. This is the end of Pain and Ignorance.. This is Truth and Reality.. This is You.. This is your goal and your Reality..Love is the Energy of Thee................namaste, thomas

Early Enlightenment...

In the early stages of enlightenment, the aspirant is overwhelmed by his discovery that God is within himself. It stirs his intensest
feelings and excites his deepest thoughts. But, though he does not know it, those very feelings and thoughts still form part of his ego,
albeit the highest part. So he still separates his being into two--self and Overself. Only in the later stages does he find that God not only is within himself but is himself....... Paul Brunton

The Transparency of Things - Rupert Spira ...

The mind is a series of abstract concepts that appear within Consciousness.
Every thought is an object and therefore the objectless
Consciousness in which thoughts appear can never itself appear as
a thought.

All thoughts are objects. Therefore, it is impossible to think of Consciousness.
When we think of anything other than Consciousness (or Truth or
Reality or whatever word is used) we end up with a concept, an idea
of that thing, which is not the thing itself. It is a representation of
that thing in the mind’s code – that is, it is a concept.

However, the thought about Consciousness or Reality is unique
amongst all thoughts. When we try to think of Consciousness, it is
like looking into a black hole. It is not even black. The mind simply
cannot go there. It cannot go to that objectless place because the
mind is itself an object. How could an object fit into a space that has
no dimensions?

So as the mind tries to turn itself towards Consciousness, it dissolves.
It is consumed in what is, from its own point of view, the nothingness
of Consciousness. However, its dissolution is the revelation of
Presence, the revelation of that in which thought dissolves.

So the thought about Consciousness is unique in that it does not
lead to a concept, to a substitute for the thing itself, but rather to the
Reality of Consciousness itself. It leads directly to its referent, not to
a symbol. It leads to the direct experience of Consciousness knowing
itself, knowingly.

Nothing objective is known in this placeless place of Consciousness.
It is a knowing but not a knowing of something. It is pure Knowingness.
The seeking thought, which looks for Consciousness, merges with
Consciousness. It reveals Consciousness.

The seeking thought is like a sugar cube. Looking for Consciousness
is like putting the sugar cube in a cup of tea. The tea dissolves the
sugar cube. Likewise Consciousness dissolves the seeking thought.

A more accurate metaphor would be that of a drop of milk in a jar
of water. The milk is essentially the same substance as the water,
although it is coloured by a slight taint of objectivity. It is white,
not colourless. As we watch the drop of milk, it expands into the
water, losing its form by degrees, until it is utterly merged into the
surrounding water...............Reflections on Mind, Thought and Nondual Awareness

Mysteries, Yes...

Truly, we live with mysteries too marvelous
to be understood.

How grass can be nourishing in the
mouths of the lambs.
How rivers and stones are forever
in allegiance with gravity
while we ourselves dream of rising.
How two hands touch and the bonds
will never be broken.
How people come, from delight or the
scars of damage,
to the comfort of a poem.

Let me keep my distance, always, from those
who think they have the answers.

Let me keep company always with those who say
"Look!" and laugh in astonishment,
and bow their heads.

~ Mary Oliver ~


Through the red eye
of Shiva
beyond the Absolute
and into the realm of the spirit
does the mystic travel
transcending matter
and reconciling opposites
into One..............Sananda

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad ...

‘The Immortal is veiled by the real. The Spirit of life is the immortal. Name and form are the real, and by them the Spirit is veiled.’

The Bhagavad Gita...

"The blessed Lord said,
'The mind absorbed in me, Partha,
practicing union relying on me,
without doubt how you shall know me completely: hear that.
I shall tell you without omission
this knowledge with discrimination, which having understood
nothing more remains here to be known.
Of thousands of people hardly anyone strives for perfection;
of those striving, even of the perfected,
hardly anyone knows me truly.

"'Earth, waters, fire, wind,
space, mind, intuition, and ego,
thus is this divided nature of mine eightfold.
This here is the lower, but know my other highest nature,
the life-being, great-armed one,
by which this universe is sustained.
Understand this to be the womb of all beings.
I am the origin of the entire universe, also its dissolution.
There is nothing whatever higher than me, wealth winner.
On me all this is strung like pearls on a thread.

"'I am the flavor in the waters, Kaunteya;
I am the radiance of the moon and sun,
the sacred word in all the Vedas,
the sound in the air, the virility in men,
and the pure fragrance on the earth;
and I am the brilliance in flame,
the life in all beings,
and I am the austerity in ascetics.

"'Know me as the primeval seed of all beings, Partha.
I am the intuition of the intelligent;
the brilliance of the brilliant am I.
And I am the strength of the strong,
freed from desire and passion;
I am the desire in beings
that is not contrary to duty, Bharata bull.

"'And the good states, the active and the slow
which come from me, know them thus:
I am not in them, but they are in me.
Because of these states formed by the three qualities
all this deluded universe does not recognize me
as higher than these and eternal.

"'Divine indeed is this quality-produced illusion
that is difficult to penetrate;
they attain me who transcend this illusion.
Deluded evil doers, the lowest people, do not attain me,
their knowledge robbed by illusion,
attached to demonic existence.

"'Four kinds of benevolent people worship me, Arjuna:
the suffering, those wanting knowledge,
those wanting success, and the wise, Bharata bull.
Of them the wise, eternally united,
devoted to the One, is the best.
I am extremely fond of the wise, and this one is fond of me.
All these are noble, but the wise is considered my soul.
Staying in this soul union with me is the supreme goal.

Mystical Principles...

As we put off 'mortality' in each of our meditations, by
standing still, letting the mind see that we are not joining
with its thoughts just now; by relaxing from taking thought,
by opening that inner door, and simply remaining receptive;
we listen, we wait, we observe, we are quietly aware; this
is the vacuum into which the Living Spirit flows and reveals
Itself as a Presence in the midst of your consciousness.

Suddenly, as thoughts drop away, you discover you are
living in the conscious awareness of Eternity - you have
stepped out of the human belief in time. You feel your own
Omnipresence - you have stepped out of the human belief
in space. You silently commune with the Immortal One
that God manifested in the beginning before the world was.
you realize, that you have slipped out of the "parenthesis,"
and are once more dwelling in "the temple not made with
hands, eternal in the heavens."

Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven has entered your
consciousness, and the tabernacle of God is with men..........Bill Skiles

Jesus teaches the eleven...

NOW, after Judas had gone forth to meet the emissaries of the priests and to betray his Lord, 2 The master said, The hour has come, the son of man will now be glorified. 3 My little children, I am with you yet a little while; soon you will seek me and will find me not, for where I go you cannot come. 4 I give to you a new command: As I love you and give my life for you, so shall you love the world, and give your life to save the world. 5 Love one another as you love yourselves, and then the world will know that you are sons of God, disciples of the son of man whom God has glorified. 6 And Peter said, Lord, where you go there I will go, for I would lay my life down for my Lord. 7 And Jesus said, Boast not of bravery, my friend; you are not strong enough to-night to follow me. 8 Now, Peter, hear! you will deny me thrice before the cock shall crow to-morrow morn. 9 And then he looked upon the eleven and said, You all will be estranged from me this night. 10 The prophet said, Lo, he will smite the shepherd of the sheep; the sheep will flee and hide away. 11 But after I am risen from the dead, lo, you will come again, and I will go before you into Galilee. 12 And Peter said, My Lord, though every other man forsake you I will not. 13 And Jesus said, O Simon Peter, lo, your zeal is greater than your fortitude! Behold, for Satan cometh up to sift you as a pan of wheat, but I have prayed that in your faith you shall not fail; that after trial you may stand a tower of strength. 14 And the disciples all exclaimed, There is no power on earth that can estrange, or cause us to deny our Lord. 15 And Jesus said, Let not your hearts be sad; you all believe in God; believe in me. 16 Behold, for there are many mansions in my Fatherland. If there were not I would have told you so. 17 I will go unto my Fatherland, and I will prepare a place for you that where I am there you may be. But now you do not know the way unto my Fatherland. 18 And Thomas said, We do not know where you intend to go; how could we know the way? 19 And Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, the life; I manifest the Christ of God. No man can reach my Fatherland except he comes with me through Christ. 20 If you had known and comprehended me, then you would know my Father-God. 21 And Philip said, Show us the Father and we will be satisfied. 22 And Jesus said, Have I been with you all these years and still you know me not? 23 He who has seen the son has seen the Father has revealed himself. 24 Lo, I have told you many times that what I speak and what I do are not the words and works of man; 25 They are the words of God, who lives in me and I in him. 26 Hear me, you faithful men: He who believes in me and in my Father-God shall say and do what I have said and done. 27 Yea, more, he shall do greater works than I have ever done, because I go to him whose works we do, and then I can reach forth my hand in helpfulness. 28 And in my name, through Christ, you may petition God and he will grant you your request. 29 Do you believe what I have said? Yes, you believe, and if you love the Christ and follow me then you will keep my words. 30 I am the vine; you are the branches of the vine; my Father is the husbandmen. 31 The branches that are worthless, bearing naught but leaves, the husbandmen will cut away and cast into the fire to be burned. 32 And he will prune the branches that bear fruit that they may yield abundantly. 33 The branch cannot bear fruit if separated from the vine; and you cannot bear fruit when separate from me. 34 Abide in me, and do the works that God, through me, has taught you how to do, and you will bear much fruit, and God will honour you as he has honoured me. 35 And now I go my way, but I will pray my Father-God and he will send another Comforter to you, who will abide with you. 36 Behold, this Comforter of God, the Holy Breath, is one with God, but she is one the world cannot receive because it sees her not; it knows her not. 37 But you know her, and will know her, because she will abide within your soul. 38 I will not leave you desolate, but in the Christ, which is the love of God made manifest to men, I will be with you all the way..........from the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Letting Go...

The desire to be in control, the illusion of being in control, and the hope
of being in control are all based on the megalomaniacal belief that you know
when and what the outcome should be.
Obviously, you can control many things to a greater or lesser degree, but
there is nothing that you can totally control. You can control your bodily
functions to a degree, as well as circumstances, thoughts, emotions,
position, and survival, but you can never have complete control.
You need no model for letting go. You cannot 'do' letting go. Neither is
letting go a kind of saintly passivity, not being bothered by anything. The
mind is very slippery and can even use the desire to let go as a tactic for
Letting go of control is a deeper relaxation, a floating on the ocean. You
can become aware of where you are holding on, and you can just let go and
allow the ocean to hold you. You can become aware that all your tension and
clinging are unnecessary, and then relax and let yourself be supported.

~ Gangaji
From: 'The Diamond in Your Pocket."


Grace is the benign effluence of the Overself, the kindly
radiation from it, ever-present in us. The theological use of this
term to mean particular help given by God to man to enable him to
endure temptation and act rightly is a serious and arbitrary narrowing
down of its original meaning. It may mean this sometimes, but it also
means the loving mercy God shows to man, which appears variously as
enlightenment of the mind or relief of the heart, as change of outward
physical conditions or a dynamic revolution-working energy acting on
the aspirant or on his life......Paul Brunton

The Overself...

The Overself is neither a cold metaphysical concept nor a passing
wave of emotion. It is a Presence--sublime, sacred, and
beneficent--which grips your heart, thought, and body by its own
mysterious power, making you regard life from a nobler standpoint.....Paul Brunton

Illusion of Time...

"Rise above the illusion of time and you will have tomorrow's
wisdom today."

Cosmic Command, # 1323.......Vernon Howard

The Tao...

Truthful words are not beautiful.
Beautiful words are not truthful.
Good men do not argue.
Those who argue are not good.
Those who know are not learned.
The learned do not know.

The sage never tries to store things up.
The more he does for others, the more he has.
The more he gives to others, the greater his abundance.
The Tao of heaven is pointed but does no harm.
The Tao of the sage is work without effort.

- Lao-tzu

The Real...

O lord! Lead me from unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, and Lead me from the fear of death to Immortality.” -- Brihad Aranyakam Upanishad

Everything in the world that is perishable, changing and undependable is considered unreal or delusive like a mirage. “There is no happiness in the finite,” according to Chhandogya Upanishad. The Real is Imperishable, Unchanging and Dependable. It is our very Self called “Atman.”

Darkness is the ignorance of our inner power, strength and potential. Lust, greed, desire for name and fame, pride, arrogance, jealousy and narrow mindedness represent darkness, just as the thirst for illusive physical pleasures represents blindness. Those who have not experienced their True Self are blind. Light is Self Realization. It is free from the gimmicks and deception of maya.

Fear of death will remain with those who worship the body, sensual pleasures, mind, intellect and ego. We, as our Atman, are above these. The only purpose of this invaluable human life is to realize true and lasting Love as Mirabai and all saints have realized. There is no other goal or way for man to be truly happy.

May we act now and make a sincere effort to practice spiritual truth because God’s grace is always available to us. We need only to open the sails of our heart. There, the wind of love is constantly blowing. The inner voice is constantly broadcasting, if only we would tune in and plug ourselves into that Power that is also all around us!

-- Swami Radhanandaji


Once a person has realized how he can exist without the physical body, it
produces a faith that gives an ultimate conviction that nothing can change.

From the Teachings of


Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their
suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.........Gautama the Buddha

The Mental State...

How can a mental state be the final realization? It is temporary.
Mystic experience is such a state. It is something one enters and
leaves. Beyond and higher is realization of unchanging truth.........Paul Brunton

Animal Dharma...

"Non-rational creatures, as Aldous Huxley put it, live in the animal eternity of
a perpetual present. Instinct is their animal grace and constant inspiration.
They are not worried about right or wrong. They are never tempted to live
otherwise than in accord with their own animal dharma, or immanent law. The
human being, on the other hand, relies on personal cleverness (reasoning) rather
than on instinct and intuition. And this is what Nature intended. This
"wearisome condition of humanity" is a prerequisite of enlightenment. Cleverness
and reason "are not and cannot be a proximate means of union with God". They
are, however, necessary to bring about first, the intellectual understanding of
our real nature that could lead to a deeper understanding in the
heart....Advises Jalal-uddin Rumi: sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment;
cleverness is mere opinion, bewilderment is intuition. The fact of the matter is
that such transaction can take place only at the appropriate time, when the
realization dawns that the human being does not live, but is being
lived........Such simplicity or "purity or maturity of intellect" leaves the
intellect open or vacant to receive the apperception that all there is is
Consciousness..."Self-realization is not available to those who are weak"
(Ashtavakra Gita). What "weakness" truly means is a lack of courage to give up
those traditional routines which were prescribed for when one was a spiritual
beginner. It is the lack of courage to accept the intuitive promptings of the
basic, fundamental Truth in its totality that all there is, is Consciousness. -
Ramesh Balsekar

Sufi Poem...

What a day today.

There are two Suns rising!

What a day,

Not like any other day.


The Light is shining in your heart,

The wheel of life has stopped.

Oh, you who can see into your own heart,

What a day,

This is your day.



Q: I understand everybody is under the obligation to realize. Is
it his duty, or is it his destiny?
M: Realization is of the fact that you are not a person. There-
fore, it cannot be the duty of the person whose destiny is to dis-
appear. Its destiny is the duty of him who imagines himself to be
the person. Find out who he is and the imagined person will dis-
solve. Freedom is from something. What are you to be free
from? Obviously, you must be free from the person, you take
yourself to be, for it is the idea you have of yourself that keeps
you in bondage.
From Chapter 86
I Am That.........Nisargadatta