To explore means to examine and learn, therefore, we must learn that
matter is really an illusion that was created by thought. we as
explorers created this illusion of solid masses including the bodies
that we use in this illusion as a vehicle to explore the feelings and
creations that we have caused.. We are a part of the Mind called God,
therefore, we have the same creative abilities of this
Consciousness.............namaste, thomas

The World...

The World exists because we believe that it does..It is a soup of
atoms that we form into objects that we call matter, which is just
something that our limited senses can see and feel...This power of
belief is how Jesus changed water into wine..........namaste, thomas

Truth is Salvation...

Truth is our only salvation, the final truth that in essence as Mind
nobody is really disconnected from God, that the delusion of being
alone and separate from the infinite life creates all our weaknesses,
which in turn lead to most of our troubles, and that we are here to
learn by experience what sort of stuff we are made really of.
.............Paul Brunton

Quantum Physics...

The scientist Werner Heisenberg was one of the founders of quantum
> Physics, that is, of the study of dynamical laws that govern the
> microcosmos. This great discovery represented a strong shock for
> Heisenberg with respect to the 'reality' of the physical world.
> Heisenberg had to accept that things are up to us measuring them,
> other words, it is necessary that an observer interacts with a
> in order for the system to acquire reality.
> What is stated above is totally compatible with the teachings of
> Emptyness (in Buddhism) and Maya (in Hinduism), in which the world
> phenomena lacks its own integrity because it is just a mental
> construction; so, if there is no mind then there is no world.
> Einstein disagreed with this interpretation. He always insisted on
> the idea that Nature has its own reality, independent of any
> observer. In 1939 Rabindranath Tagore talked to Einstein in New
> and tried to explain to him that the world depends on the human
> factor, that the beauty and the truth are not independent of the
> human being; but Einstein never changed his concept about the
> of the Universe.
> We would like to mention Heisenberg's second shock:
> In the Yoga International magazine (Vol. 3, No. 6, 1994) it was
> published that Prof. Heisenberg had a spontaneous experience of
> kevala samadhi, which was also confimed by Paul Brunton and Paul
> Cash. It is not surprising that Prof. C.F. von Weizsäcker (we may
> remember that this important german scientist had, in the 1950's,
> deep inner experience during his visit to Ramanasramam at
> Tiruvannamalai) and Heisenberg had invited several yogis to
> for example, Gopi Krishna, who explained them how to awake the
> kundalini shakti. In chapter 14, entitled "An experience in the
> Cosmic Consciousness" from the book "Autobiography of a Yogi", by
> Yogananda Paramahansa, you can find a beautiful poem in which is
> described the mystical experience of Samadhi.
> The essential point is that in kevala samadhi the mind is turned
> and the physical world disappears with its conceptions of space
> time, the universe is perceived as an illusion without intrinsic
> reality, the ego is dissolved revealing the Oneness of Creation
> the existence of the Cosmic Mind. When somebody experiences
> even only once, a deep internal transformation results that
> annihilates all patterns of "reality" of the world. Thus, it is
> difficult to imagine the impact that the great experience of
> samadhi had on Heisenberg. Surely this experience reinforced his
> concept of 'reality' that he introduced in the 1920's as the
> fundament of quantum Physics.
> Samadhi is a state which anyone describes in very personal terms,
> we are now trying to find some writings in which Heisenberg
> narrated his own mystical experience. This would be very basic for
> the establishing a close connection between science and
> spirituality............from


There, in the deepest state of contemplation, the awareness of a second
thing--whether this be the world of objects outside or the world of
thoughts inside--vanishes. But unconsciousness does not follow. What is
left over is a continuous static impersonal and unchanging
consciousness. This is the inmost being of man. This is the supreme
Self, dwelling within itself alone. Its stillness transcends the
activity of thinking, of the knowing which distinguishes one thing from
another. It is incommunicable then, inexplicable later. But after a
while from this high level the meditator must descend, returning to his
human condition. He has come as close in the contact with the Great
Being, the most refined ultimate Godhead, as is posssible. Let him be
grateful. Let him not ask for more for he cannot know or experience
more. This is as far as any man can go, for "Thou shalt not see God and

— Notebooks Category 23: Advanced Contemplation > Chapter 7:
Contemplative Stillness > # 293.........Paul Brunton

Being Present..

Being Present is to be free of thoughts about the past or future. You
are focused on what's happening now. Your feelings are calm. Your
reflexes are fast. Your wit is quick. You are decisive. You know what
you want. You know what's right for you. You perform your best -
public speaking, sports, music. Your confidence is deep. You know
you're not perfect so you are forgiving of your weaknesses.

Your memory is strong when you are in the present. You can recall
times you were fully present because they are very clear in your
memory. All of you was in the "here and now" - in a first love, on a
great vacation, with a trusted friend. Most people rely on external
situations in which they feel safe, in order to be present. You are
truly capable of living in the present when you feel safe even in
difficult, stressful, anxious situations - when people criticize you,
when you make dumb mistakes, when you are in financial or lovelife

Answers "pop" into your mind. Most of us are quite present when we
first wake up. We "sleep" on our challenges. Then we wake up and we
simply "know" what's right for us. This is our spirituality speaking
to us. Then we move forward in confidence.

A racing mind is evidence of a poor ability to be present. This
condition disconnects us from our inner knowing. We experience inner
conflict and second-guessing - struggling to be true to ourselves,
yet afraid others will hurt us if we do. Accidents happen more often,
and people we love feel unloved by us, because we're 'absent'.

Being present is the time frame of your mind. There are only three
time frames possible - past, present and future. Once you become
aware of the thoughts you are having and the content of those
thoughts, you will notice which timeframe you are in at any given
time. You will begin to notice how often your thoughts and feelings
are focused on the past or the future. Many people spend less than 1%
of their time living in the present.

Being present is a holistic experience. Your mind, body, heart and
soul are all unified in that one moment. Time slows down. You are
connecting with the eternal force of the universe. In fact, the
definition of eternity is the present moment. It has never NOT been
the present moment, just as God has never not existed.

Being present happens when you stop comparing ('judging') the present
moment to past experiences or future expectations. The result of this
is a feeling of love and inner peace. Regardless of what other people
are doing or what situation you are facing, you are centered and
calm. No one can do this all the time. The goal of being present is
to be able to move towards being at peace inside even when your life
is full of unwelcome conflicts and crises............from The Enlightenment Chapel

Fourth-Dimensional Consciousness...

When the fourth-dimensional consciousness is attained, even in a measure, life begins to flow more by Grace than by effort. Things come more easily and more abundantly than ever before, because with illumination comes the realization that the "I" of us, individualized as our consciousness, embraces infinity, and good flows forth from our consciousness into visible expression. The more we abide in the truth, "I have meat to eat that ye know not of," the more we bring infinity into expression.

The only way we can arrive at a state of complete Self-reliance is to attain such a measure of the fourth-dimensional consciousness that we are content to know, "I and the Father are one, and all that the Father has is mine," and then close our eyes to the outside world. There has to be this inner conviction: "If there were not a soul in the world, I and my Father are still one. If I were a million miles from civilization, I and my Father are still one, and my unfoldment must come to me from within." As we abide in that, we are free of dependence on "man, whose breath is in his nostrils."

We will never be free of needing money, companionship, or a home until we reach the stage of illumination in which we have no desire for any of those things because they are all in-built, all included in the consciousness which we are.

"I live by the Spirit of God, not by external things, thoughts, or persons, but by the Spirit of God."

~ Joel S. Goldsmith, A Parenthesis In Eternity


He will understand the real spirit of meditation when he
understands that he has to do nothing at all, just to sit still
physically, mentally, and emotionally. For the moment he attempts to
do anything, he intrudes his ego. By sitting inwardly and outwardly
still, he surrenders egoistic action and thereby implies that he is
willing to surrender his little self to his Overself. He shows that he
is willing to step aside and let himself be worked upon, acted
through, and guided by a higher power.

— Notebooks Category 23: Advanced Contemplation > Chapter 7:
Contemplative Stillness > # 238.... Paul Brunton

Divine Self...

Wang Yang-ming's disciples often remarked, "The streets are full of enlightened men!" By this they reiterated their Master's teaching that all men have the possibility of attaining enlightenment because all have the divine self hidden under their egoism..............Paul Brunton


For a marriage to succeed and prosper,
each person must love the other more than they love themselves..
Therefore, Love is really a state of Non-Ego.. this is why Love is the
tenet of the teaching of Jesus, because it was the easiest way that He
could teach the Path of disolving of the Ego............namaste, thomas

Inner Vision...

When the Master asked, "Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not?" he was referring to an inner vision, an inner hearing, which we call spiritual discernment or Christ-consciousness. Only the Christ can recognize the Christ, and when we understand this, we will never look at a human form and declare, You are well! You are healthy! You are young! You are spiritual!" We would never do that, but if we could look through the appearance to the Christ of God, the Christ ever-present, although not apparent to our human eyesight, we would be able to break the mesmerism that looks at the body with the mind and believes the evidence of what it sees, hears, tastes, touches, and smells; and in breaking the mesmerism, we would be able, through our inner discernment, to behold the spiritual nature of a dying or a sinful person.

We are looking through the appearance with inner discernment and there beholding the invisible, spiritual child of God who was never born and will never die, eternal right here on earth.

Miracles can be performed by the person who does not try to heal disease and who understands that he is but the instrument of God, that God constitutes individual being, and that any appearance to the contrary is illusory, a picture in the mind, without spiritual substance, spiritual cause, spiritual law, and without spiritual entity or identity~ maya, illusion.

On the spiritual path, we do not try to change the external world; we do not try to change our friends and relatives~ their temperaments, their dispositions, or their health~ but we recognize that the very omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience of God within our own being make it impossible for sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation to exist as externalized reality. These can exist only in the mortal dream which consists of the belief in two powers. As that belief in two powers is surrendered, so is the dream punctured.

~ Joel S. Goldsmith, A Parenthesis In Eternity

Bhagavad Gita..

Persons, whose mind and intellect are totally merged in the Supreme Being, who are firmly devoted to the Supreme, who have God as their supreme goal and sole refuge, and whose impurities are destroyed by the knowledge of the self, do not take birth again. (5.17)

Bhagavad Gita..

A Karma-yogi attains Supreme Bliss by abandoning attachment to the fruits of work; while others, who are attached to the fruits of work, become bound by selfish work. (5.12)

Jesus and the twelve at prayer in Olivet. Jesus reveals to his disciples the deeper meanings of secret doctrines.

THE morning of the Wednesday of the week was come, and Jesus with the twelve went out to Olivet to pray; and they were lost in prayer for seven hours. 2 Then Jeus called the twelve close to his side and said, This day the curtain parts and we will step beyond the veil into the secret courts of God. 3 And Jesus opened up to them the meaning of the hidden way, and of the Holy Breath, and of the light that cannot fail. 4 He told them all about the Book of Life, the Rolls of Graphael, the Book of God's Remembrance where all the thoughts and words of men are written down. 5 He did not speak aloud to them; he told the secrets of the masters in an undertone, and when he spoke the name of God there was a silence inthe courts of heaven for half an hour, for angels spoke with bated breath. 6 And Jesus said, These things may not be spoken out aloud; they never may be written down; they are the messages of Silenceland; they are the Breathings of the inner heart of God. 7 And then the master taught the twelve the lessons they should teach to other men. He sometimes taught in parables; he said, 8 You call to mind the words of yesterday about the coming of the son of man. Now, you shall teach to other men what I have spoken and am speaking unto you; 9 Teach them to pray and not to faint; to be prepared at every moment of the day, for when they least expect him, then the Lord will come. 10 A man went to a distant land and left his house and all his wealth in care of servants; five to guard his house and five to guard his barns and herds. 11 The servants waited long for his return, but he came not, and they grew careless in their work; some spent their time in revellings and drunkenness, and some slept at their posts. 12 And night by night the robbers came and carried off the wealth from house and barn, and drove away the choicest of the herds. 13 And when they knew that much of all the wealth that they were left to guard had been purloined, they said, 14 We cannot be to blame; if we had known the day and hour when our lord would come again we would have guarded well his wealth, and suffered not the thieves to carry it away; he surely is at fault because he told us not. 15 But after many days the lord returned, and when he knew that thieves had robbed him of his wealth, he called his servants and he said to them, 16 Because you have neglected what was given you to do, have spent your time in revellings and sleep, behold you all are debtors unto me. 17 What I have lost by your neglect, you owe to me. And then he gave them heavy tasks to do, and bound them to their posts with chains, where they remained till they had paid for all the goods their lord had lost through their neglect. 18 Another man locked up his wealth and went to sleep, and in the night time robbers came, unlocked his doors, and when they saw no guard, they entered in and carried off his wealth. 19 And when the man awoke and found his doors ajar and all his treasures gone, he said, If I had known the hour when the thieves would come I would have been on guard. 20 Beware, my friends, beware! and be prepared at every hour, and if your Lord shall come at midnight or at dawn, it matters not, for he will find you ready to receive. 21 And then, behold, a marraige was announced, and virgins, ten of them, were set apart to meet the bridegroom when he came. 22 The virgins clothed themselves in proper garbs, and took their lamps and sat in waiting for the watch to say, Behold, the bridegroom comes! 23 Now, five were wise; they filled their lamps with oil; and five were foolish, for they carried empty lamps. 24 The groom came not at the expected time; the virgins were a-weary with their watch and slept. 25 At midnight came the cry, Behold, the bridegroom comes! 26 The virgins rose; the wise ones quickly trimmed their lamps and went forth ready to receive the groom. 27 The foolish virgins said, We have no oil, our lamps burn not. 28 They sought to borrow from the wise, who said, We have no oil to spare; Go to the merchant men and buy and fill your lamps and then come forth to meet the groom. 29 But while they went to purchase oil, the bridegroom came; the virgins who were ready with their lamps all trimmed went with him to the marraige feast. 30 And when the foolish virgins came the door was shut, and though they knocked and called aloud, the door was opened not. 31 The master of the feast exclaimed, I know you not! and in disgrace the virgins went their way. 32 Again I say to you, and you shall say to them who follow you, 33 Be ready every moment of the day and night, because when you expect him not, the Lord will come. 34 Behold, when he will come with all his messengers of light, the Book of Life, and that of Records, shall be opened up-- the books in which the thought and words and deeds are written down. 35 And every one can read the records he has written for himself, and he will know his doom before the judge shall speak, and this will be the sifting time. 36 According to their records men will find their own. 37 The judge is Righteousness, the king of all the earth, and he will separate the multitudes as shepherds separate the sheep and goats. 38 The sheep will find their places on the right, the goats upon the left, and every man will know his place. 39 And then the judge will say, to those upon the right, You blessed of the Father- God, come unto your inheritance, which was prepared for you from times of old. 40 You have been servants of the race; and I was hungry and you gave me bread; was thirsty and you gave me drink; was naked and you gave me clothes; 41 Was sick, you ministered to me; and was in prison and you came to me with words of cheer; I was a stranger and in your homes I found a home. 42 Then will the righteous say, When did we see you hungry, thirsty, sick, imprisoned or a stranger at our gates and ministered to you? 43 And then the judge will say, You served the sons of men, and whatsoever you have done for these, that you have done for me. 44 The judge will say to those upon the left, Depart from me; you have not served the sons of men. 45 I was hungry and you gave me naught to eat; was thirsty and you gave me naught to drink; I was a stranger and you drove me from your door; I was imprisoned and was sick, you did not minister to me. 46 Then these will say, When did we thus neglect to care for you? When did we see you hungry, thirsty, sick, a stranger or in prison and did not minister to you? 47 And then the judge will say, Your life is full of self; you served the self and not your fellow man, and when you slighted one of these, you slighted and neglected me. 48 Then will the righteous have the kingdom and theb power, and they who are unrighteous shall go forth to pay their debts, to suffer all that men have suffered at their hands. 49 They who have ears to hear and hearts to understand will comprehend these parables. 50 When he had finished all these parables he said, You know that in two days the great passover feast will come, and lo, the son of man will be betrayed into the hands of wicked men. 51 And he will give his life upon the cross, and men will know that he, the son of man, is son of God. 52 Then Jesus and the twelve returned to Bethany.........from The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi

Seeking Enlightenment..

What or who is seeking enlightenment? It cannot be the higher Self, for that is itself of the nature of Light. There then only remains the ego! This ego, the object of so many denunciations and denigrations, is the being that, transformed, will win truth and find Reality even though it must surrender itself utterly in the end as the price to be paid..... Paul Brunton


What is really explained by saying, "Matter is an illusion" is that
the only absolute being is God. Grasping this fact is very important
in terms of having true faith in God. For this reason, many Islamic
scholars in history have also drawn attention to this fact and
stressed that all the material world was created on the level of
senses and perceptions.

The most important of those Islamic scholars who explained the
true nature of matter was Imam Rabbani, who has been widely respected
in the Islamic world for hundreds of years and is seen as "the
greatest reformer of the 10th century according to the Muslim
calendar." In his book Letters, Imam Rabbani provides a detailed
commentary on this very subject. In one of his letters, Imam Rabbani
says that God created the entire universe at the level of perception:

… The Glorious God assigned an appearance from all appearances
for names from all names in the sphere of non-existence with his
Perfect Might. And He created it at the sphere of sensations and
perceptions. At the time He willed and in the way He willed … The
constancy of the world is not at the exterior level but at the level
of sensations and perceptions … Even in the exterior level, there is
nothing permanent and existing other than the being and attributes of
Almighty God...1

In another letter, Imam Rabbani once again stresses that all
that exists is created only at the level of senses and perceptions:

I have used the following sentence above, "God's creation is at the
level of senses and perceptions." This means "God's creation is at
such a level that at that level, there is no permanency or existence
of objects apart from senses and perceptions.2

On close examination, Imam Rabbani is careful to emphasize that
the world we see, in other words all that exists, has been created on
the level of perception. All that exists outside this level of
perception is the Existence of God. Actually, this concept
of "outside" is a hypothetical one, because a perception has no body,
and no volume. Imam Rabbani explains that things (in other words,
matter) have no existence on the outside:

Nothing but God exists on the outside… Perhaps all of Almighty
God's creation finds constancy on the level of perception… In the
same way that matter has no existence in the outside world, it
appears on the outside in a colorless form… If it does have a fixed
appearance, that is again only on the perceptual level. It only has
permanency thanks to God's artistry on that one level. In short, it
only has permanency and appearance on one level. It does not have
existence on one plane and appearance on another… It contains no sign
on the outside that might allow it to be seen there…


When he was dying, Heisenberg said to von Weizsäcker, "It is very easy:
I did not know this before." At another moment he said, "I see now that
physics is of no importance, that the world is illusion." He passed
away in peace.


To explore means to examine and learn, therefore, we must learn that
matter is really an illusion that was created by thought. we as
explorers created this illusion of solid masses including the bodies
that we use in this illusion as a vehicle to explore the feelings and
creations that we have caused.. We are a part of the Mind called God,
therefore, we have the same creative abilities of this
Consciousness.............namaste, thomas


The beginning of freedom is the realization
that you are not the possessing entity - the
thinker. Knowing this enables you to observe
the entity. The moment you start watching the
thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes

You then being to realize that there is a vast realm
of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only
a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize
that all the things that truly matter - beauty, love,
creativity, joy, inner peace - arise from beyond the

You begin to awaken.

- Eckhart Tolle
from NonDuality Highlights

Truth is Salvation...

Truth is our only salvation, the final truth that in essence as Mind
nobody is really disconnected from God, that the delusion of being
alone and separate from the infinite life creates all our weaknesses,
which in turn lead to most of our troubles, and that we are here to
learn by experience what sort of stuff we are made really of.
.............Paul Brunton

The illusion of Matter...

Is matter an illusion? Is the universe floating on a vast sea of
> light, whose invisible power provides the resistance that gives to
> matter its feeling of solidity? Astrophysicist Bernhard Haisch and
> his colleagues have followed the equations to some compelling --
> provocative -- conclusions.
> "God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light."
> It is certainly a beautiful poetic statement. But does it contain
> science? A few years ago I would have dismissed that possibility.
> an astrophysicist, I knew all too well the blatant contradictions
> between the sequence of events in Genesis and the physics of the
> Universe. Even after substituting eons for days, the order of
> was obviously wrong. It made no sense to have light come first,
> then to claim that the Sun, the moon and the stars - the obvious
> sources of light in the night sky of the ancient world - were
> only subsequently, be it days or eons later. One could, of course,
> generalize light to mean simply energy, and thus claim a reference
> the Big Bang, but that would, to me, be more of a stretch than a
> revelation.
> My first inkling that the deceptively simple "Let there be light"
> might actually contain a profound cosmological truth came in early
> July 1992. I was trying to wrap things up in my office in Palo
> so that I could spend the rest of the summer doing research on the
> ray emission of stars at the Max Planck Institute in Garching,
> Germany. I came in one morning just before my departure and found
> rather peculiar message on my answering machine; it had been left
> 3 a.m.by a usually sober-minded colleague, Alfonso Rueda, a
> at California State University in Long Beach. He was so excited by
> the results of a horrifically-long mathematical analysis he had
> grinding through that he just had to tell me about it, knowing
> well I was not there to share the thrill.
> What he had succeeded in doing was to derive the equation: F=ma.
> Details would follow in Germany.
> Most people will take this in stride with a "so what?" or "what
> that mean?" After all what are F, m and a, and what is so
> about a scientist deriving a simple equation? Isn't this what
> scientists do for a living? But a physicist will have an
> reaction because you are not supposed to be able to derive the
> equation F=ma. That equation was postulated by Newton in his
> Principia, the foundation stone of physics, in 1687. A postulate
is a
> law that you assume to be true, and from which other things
> such as much of physics, for example, from that particular
> You cannot derive postulates. How do you prove that one plus one
> equals two? The answer is, you don't. You assume that abstract
> numbers work that way, and then derive other properties of
> from that basic assumption.
> But indeed, as I discovered when I began to write up a research
> based on what Rueda soon sent to Garching, he had indeed derived
> Newton's fundamental "equation of motion." And the concept
> this analysis was the existence of a background sea of light known
> the electromagnetic zero-point field of the quantum vacuum.
> To understand this zero-point field (for short), consider an old-
> fashioned grandfather clock with its pendulum swinging back and
> forth. If you don't wind the clock , friction will sooner or later
> bring the pendulum to a halt. Now imagine a pendulum that gets
> smaller and smaller, so small that it ultimately becomes atomic in
> size and subject to the laws of quantum physics. There is a rule
> quantum physics called the Heisenberg uncertainty principle that
> states (with certainty, as it happens) that no quantum object,
> as a microscopic pendulum, can ever be brought completely to rest.
> Any microscopic object will always possess a residual random
> thanks to quantum fluctuations.
> Radio, television and cellular phones all operate by transmitting
> receiving electromagnetic waves. Visible light is the same thing;
> is just a higher frequency form of electromagnetic waves. At even
> higher frequencies, beyond the visible spectrum, you find
> light, X-rays and gamma-rays. All are electromagnetic waves which
> really just different frequencies of light.
> It is standard in quantum theory to apply the Heisenberg
> principle to electromagnetic waves, since electric and magnetic
> fields flowing through space oscillate like a pendulum. At every
> possible frequency there will always be a tiny bit of
> jiggling going on. And if you add up all these ceaseless
> fluctuations, what you get is a background sea of light whose
> energy is enormous: the zero-point field. The "zero-point" refers
> the fact that even though this energy is huge, it is the lowest
> possible energy state. All other energy is over and above the zero-
> point state.
> Take any volume of space and take away everything else - in other
> words, create a vacuum - and what you are left with is the zero-
> field. We can imagine a true vacuum, devoid of everything, but the
> real-world quantum vacuum is permeated by the zero-point field
> its ceaseless electromagnetic waves.
> The fact that the zero-point field is the lowest energy state
> it unobservable. We see things by way of contrast. The eye works
> letting light fall on the otherwise dark retina. But if the eye
> filled with light, there would be no darkness to afford a
> The zero-point field is such a blinding light. Since it is
> everywhere, inside and outside of us, permeating every atom in our
> bodies, we are effectively blind to it. It blinds us to its
> The world of light that we do see is all the rest of the light
> is over and above the zero-point field.
> We cannot eliminate the zero-point field from our eyes, but it is
> possible to eliminate a little bit of it from the region between
> metal plates. (Technically, this has to do with conditions the
> electromagnetic waves must satisfy on the plate boundaries.) A
> physicist, Hendrik Casimir, predicted in 1948 exactly how much of
> zero-point field would end up being excluded in the gap between
> plates, and how this would generates a force, since there is then
> overpressure on the outside of the plates. Casimir predicted the
> relation between the gap and the force very precisely.
> You can, however, only exclude a tiny fraction of the zero-point
> field from the gap between the plates in this way.
> Counterintuitively, the closer the plates come together, the more
> the zero-point field gets excluded, but there is a limit to this
> process because plates are made up of atoms and you cannot make
> gap between the plates smaller than the atoms that constitute the
> plates. This Casimir force has now been physically measured, and
> results agree very well with his prediction.
> The discovery that my colleague first made in 1992 also has to do
> with a force that the zero-point field generates, which takes us
> to F=ma, Newton's famous equation of motion. Newton - and all
> physicists since - have assumed that all matter possesses an
> mass, the m in Newton's equation. The mass of an object is a
> of its inertia, its resistance to acceleration, the a.
> The equation of motion, known as Newton's second law, states that
> you apply a force, F, to an object you will get an acceleration,
a -
> but the more mass, m, the object possesses, the less acceleration
> will get for a given force. In other words, the force it takes to
> accelerate a hockey puck to a high speed will barely budge a car.
> any given force, F, if m goes up, a goes down, and vice versa.
> Why is this? What gave matter this property of possessing inertial
> mass? Physicists sometimes talk about a concept known as "Mach's
> Principle" but all that does is to establish a certain
> between gravity and inertia. It doesn't really say how all
> objects acquire mass. In fact, the work that Rueda, I and another
> colleague, Hal Puthoff, have since done indicate that mass is, in
> effect, an illusion. Matter resists acceleration not because it
> possesses some innate thing called mass, but because the zero-
> field exerts a force whenever acceleration takes place. To put it
> somewhat metaphysical terms, there exists a background sea of
> light filling the universe, and that light generates a force that
> opposes acceleration when you push on any material object. That is
> why matter seems to be the solid, stable stuff that we and our
> are made of.
> Saying this is one thing. Proving it scientifically is another. It
> took a year and a half of calculating and writing and thinking,
> and over again, to refine both the ideas themselves and the
> presentation to the point of publication in a professional
> journal. On an academic timescale this was actually pretty quick,
> we were able to publish in what is widely regarded as the world's
> leading physics journal, the Physical Review, in February 1994. To
> top it off, Science and Scientific American ran stories on our new
> inertia hypothesis. We waited for some reaction. Would other
> scientists prove us right or prove us wrong? Neither happened.
> At that point in my career I was already a fairly well-established
> scientist, being a principal investigator on NASA research grants,
> serving as an associate editor of the Astrophysical Journal, and
> having many dozens of publications in the parallel field of
> astrophysics. In retrospect, my experience should have warned me
> we had ventured into dangerous theoretical waters, that we were
> to be left on our own to sink or swim. Indeed, I would probably
> taken the same wait-and-see attitude myself had I been on the
> looking in.
> An alternative to having other scientists replicate your work and
> prove that you are right is to get the same result yourself using
> completely different approach. I wrote a research proposal to NASA
> and Alfonso buried himself in new calculations. We got funding and
> got results. In 1998, we published two new papers that again
> that the inertia of matter could be traced back to the zero-point
> field. And not only was the approach in those papers completely
> different than in the 1994 paper, but the mathematics was simpler
> while the physics was more complete: a most desireable
> What's more, the original analysis had used Newtonian classical
> physics; the new analysis used Einsteinian relativistic physics.
> As encouraged as I am, it is still too early to say whether
> will prove us right or wrong. But if we are right, then "Let there
> light" is indeed a very profound statement, as one might expect of
> its purported author. The solid, stable world of matter appears to
> sustained at every instant by an underlying sea of quantum light.
> But let's take this even one step further. If it is the underlying
> realm of light that is the fundamental reality propping up our
> physical universe, let us ask ourselves how the universe of space
> time would appear from the perspective of a beam of light. The
> of relativity are clear on this point.
> If you could ride a beam of light as an observer, all of space
> shrink to a point, and all of time would collapse to an instant.
> the reference frame of light, there is no space and time. If we
> up at the Andromeda galaxy in the night sky, we see light that
> our point of view took 2 million years to traverse that vast
> of space. But to a beam of light radiating from some star in the
> Andromeda galaxy, the transmission from its point of origin to our
> eye was instantaneous.
> There must be a deeper meaning in these physical facts, a deeper
> truth about the simultaneous interconnection of all things. It
> beckons us forward in our search for a better, truer understanding
> the nature of the universe, of the origins of space and time -
> those "illusions" that yet feel so real to us.
> Bernhard Haisch, staff physicist at the Lockheed Martin Solar &
> Astrophysics Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, is a scientific
> editor of The Astrophysical Journal and editor-in-chief of the
> Journal of Scientific Exploration

World as Illusion..

When he was dying, Heisenberg said to von Weizsäcker, "It is very easy: I did not know this before." At another moment he said, "I see now that physics is of no importance, that the world is illusion." He passed away in peace.

Sophia (feminine aspect of God) calling to the soul:

Dearly beloved I have called you so often and you have not heard me.

I have shown myself to you so often and you have not seen me.

I have made myself fragrant so often and you have not smelled me.

Savorous food and you have not tasted me.

Why can you not reach me through the object you touch?

Or breathe me through sweet perfumes?

Why do you not see me?

Why do you not hear me?

Why why why?

For you my delights surpass all other delights

and the pleasure I procure you surpasses all other pleasures.

For you I am preferable to all other good things

I am beauty. I am grace.

Love me. Love me alone. Love yourself in me, in me alone.

Attach yourself to me.

No one is more inward than I.

Others love you for their own sakes.

I love you for yourself.

And you, you flee from me.

Dearly beloved, you cannot treat me fairly,

for if you approach me it is because I have approached you.

I am nearer to you than yourself, than your soul, than your breath.

Who among creatures would treat you as I do?

I am jealous of you over you. I want you to belong to no other,

not even to yourself. Be mine. Be for me as you are in me, though you are not even aware of it.

Dearly beloved let us go toward union.

And if we find the road that leads to separation we will destroy separation.

Let us go hand in hand. Let us enter the presence of truth,

Let it be our judge and imprint its seal upon our union forever.

-- Ib'n al-Arabi

The Intellect

It is inborn in the human mind to wish to know. If this begins with
the endless surface questions of a child's curiosity, if it continues
into the deeper questions of a scientist's probing investigation, it
cannot and does not stop there. For the higher part of the mind will
eventually come into unfoldment, that union of abstract reflective
thought with mystical intuition which is true intelligence, which
needs and sees a view of the whole of things. And so the knowing
faculty enters the realm of philosophy.

It is true that no man can arrive at the truth about God through his
own thinking, which is merely the ego thinking. But it is also true
that through keen, close, and sustained reflection he can arrive at
the truth which perceives the ego's limitations, the intellect's
limitations, and thereby know the time has come to suspend such
efforts to stop and to surrender in mystical meditation to the
non-thought side of his being.

Idea is not the ultimate reality, it is only a manifestation of
something which is its ultimate reality. The latter seems to be an
abstraction. Intellectually it must be so because it is beyond the
power of finite, human mentality to conceive it. But it may not be
beyond the power of a higher faculty lying latent within us to have
the experience of this reality--at least for a time. It is not known
how to verify whether this is so or not unless the intellect humbly
realizes its own limitations and voluntarily abnegates itself at a
certain stage. In most cases this is done prematurely, hence the
self-deceptions and hallucinations which are rife in mystical circles,
but in the philosophical mystic's case it would come only after the
fullest use of critical thought and analytic reasoning. This is the
proper moment for such a suicidal act. For in the end he will be
brought to such an abrupt turn. Perhaps Jesus' statement, "Except ye
become as little children ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of
heaven," is appropriate here, if understood as an invitation not to
foolishness but to surrender of all human pride.

Category 7: The Intellect > Chapter 1: The Place of Intellect...Krishnamurti


To explore means to examine and learn, therefore, we must learn that
matter is really an illusion that was created by thought. we as
explorers created this illusion of solid masses including the bodies
that we use in this illusion as a vehicle to explore the feelings and
creations that we have caused.. We are a part of the Mind called God,
therefore, we have the same creative abilities of this
Consciousness.............namaste, thomas