God is Love...

If you are seeking closeness to the Beloved,
love everyone.
whether in their presence or absence,
see only their good.
If you want to be as clear and refreshing as
the breath of the morning breeze,
like the sun, have nothing but warmth and light
for everyone.

- Shaikh Abu-Said Abil-Khair
From Non-Dual Highlights

The Secret of Nonduality...

Dearest friends of heart,

to know the secret of nonduality
know the secret of yourself
look deep inside to the core
the essence of your own existence

look into the consciousness
that is always present
deeper than body
deeper than thought.

find the source of all that appears
know yourself keenly
know yourself directly
knowing and being are the same

there is only one of us
and all of us are exactly and perfectly
that one

much vaster than mere love.

From Non-Dual Highlights

Surrender to Truth...

It is so easy for everyone to just simply rest as consciousness in
that same true way of being. All it requires is untainted surrender
to what you honestly know is true, and all it will cost is your
personal wants and needs. All it will cost is just your personal
dream... your illusion. Then, as you continue to let in Truth to
the point where it has replaced everything in you that is untrue,
then you come into true form. You come to know your real self,
and you come to realize and live the reality you were in when you
were very, very young. You begin to grow as a real human being,
a beloved servant of Truth, instead of as a human "wannabe," a
slave of your own illusion.
~John de Ruiter
NonDual Quotes

~When Mind is Busted~

We cannot possess truth; that would be the mind's idea. But truth
can claim its possession, which is 'us', each soul, each being.

When I speak of "stopping" or "calling off the search",
I am simply pointing to our habitual tendency to try to get
which we have been trained to do with the facilities of our minds,
through powers of thinking, projecting, imagining, discriminating, or
veiling. But just in one instant of simply being --
without being anybody, without being anything,
without getting it right, without missing it, without naming it,
and without knowing it --
awakening is present.

The truth is that everyone has these moments every day,
but they are overlooked because of our infatuation
with the powers of mind.
The mind is not present in any of these pure and perfect moments.
But then the mind arises again, and we get on with our business,
with our definitions, and with our ideas of who has wronged us,
what we need, or what we have to know.

To realize true freedom, this infatuation with mind must be cut,
and to be cut it must first be seen.
Each of us needs to investigate and then tell the truth.
In telling the truth, the mind is used to expose and bust itself.
In lying, the mind stays in power.
When mind is busted, a deep happiness is revealed.
Then the intellectual and creative capacities of every individual,
the life experiences of every individual,
can all be joyfully used in service to the truth.

~ Gangaji
From: 'The Diamond In Your Pocket'

Why are we such tortured human beings…?

Meditation is really very simple. We complicate it. We weave a web of
ideas round it—what it is and what it is not. But it is none of these
things. Because it is so very simple it escapes us, because our minds
are so complicated, so time-worn and time-based. And this mind
dictates the activity of the heart, and then the trouble begins. But
meditation comes naturally, with extraordinary ease, when you walk on
the sand or look out of your window or see those marvellous hills
burnt by last summer's sun. Why are we such tortured human beings,
with tears in our eyes and false laughter on our lips? If you could
walk alone among those hills or in the woods or along the long, white,
bleached sands, in that solitude you would know what meditation is.
The ecstasy of solitude comes when you are not frightened to be alone
no longer belonging to the world or attached to anything. Then, like
that dawn that came up this morning, it comes silently, and makes a
golden path in the
very stillness, which was at the beginning, which is now, and which
will be always there.

Meditations - 1969 - JKrishnamurti.org

Humans are in Psychic Sleep...

"Maybe you are mystified by the esoteric declaration that all
human problems are caused by man's immersion in a peculiar kind
of psychic sleep. Now, let this arouse the spirit of inquiry.
It should! For if we are in trouble because of sleep, we can get
out through awakening!"

The Power of your Supermind,by Vernon Howard