What is the True Purpose of Life ?

It is to realize that you are indeed
Universal Mind (God), this is not an egotistic exclamation, as it
cannot be realized until you have become free of all ego and achieved
complete humility.. as long as we believe that we are not God (Love)
(Christ) then we cannot achieve freedom.... we give great status to
the word God because we do not truly understand that God is Love...
so perhaps it would be better for us to say that we are Love and to
Love we will return, when we conquer the ego and realize that we are
indeed the energy of Love..............namaste, thomas

The Supreme "Be-ing"......

The Supreme "Be-ing" is a state of being in a constant flow of the
energy of Love.... this state of continuous Love is what humans call
God........ this is the state of Christhood that Jesus and fellow
Saints have achieved.... this christhood, this state of unselfish
Love, is what is called "Self-Realization".......you have realized
your true Self...and your true Self is Love and is called

Human Being and Supreme Being...

The Key word is Being...It is the action and time of the present... you
can believe that you are human or you can believe that you are
Supreme...To be Supreme is to become the energy of Love.. this is
achieving the Spiritual level of Christhood...... To be a human being
is still to be trapped within the false belief that you are the ego..
To be the Supreme being means that you have conquered the ego and
become that which you really Are..and become finally
Free.......................namaste, thomas

The Ocean.....

The wave is one with the ocean, indivisible and inseparable from the
whole ocean. All that the ocean is the wave is, and all the power,
all the energy, all the strength, all the life, all the substance of
the ocean is expressed in every wave. The wave has access to all that
lies beneath it for the wave really is the ocean as the ocean is the
wave, inseparable, indivisible, one. And note here this very
important point, that there is no place where one wave comes to an
end and the next wave begins, so that the oneness of the wave with
the ocean includes the oneness of every wave with every other wave.

As a wave is one with the ocean, so you are one with God. Your
oneness with the universal Life constitutes your oneness with every
individual expression of that Life; your oneness with divine Mind
constitutes your oneness with every idea of Mind. As the infinity of
God surges through you to bless all with whom you come in contact,
remember that the infinity of God is also surging through every other
individual on earth to you. No one is sharing anything with you that
is of themselves, but all that they have is of the Father, so
everything that you have is of the Father and you are sharing it with
all the world. You are one with the Father, with the universal
Consciousness, and you are one with every spiritual idea of which
this Consciousness is conscious.

~ Joel S. Goldsmith, The Infinite Way.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead........

The Bardo Thodol also spelled Bardo Thotrol, translated as The Tibetan Book of the Dead, for centuries it was passed down orally. This ancient text was first put into written form by the legendary Padma Sambhava in the 8th century A.D. Translated, Bardo Thodol means "liberation by hearing on the after death plane". The book acts as a guide for the dead during the state that intervenes death and the next rebirth.
This scripture (The Bardo Thotrol) from Tibetan Buddhism was traditionally read aloud to the dying to help them attain liberation. It guides a person to use the moment of death to recognize the nature of mind and attain liberation.

It teaches that awareness once freed from the body, creates its own reality like that of a dream. This dream projection unfolds in predictable ways in ways both frightening and beautiful. Peaceful and wrathful visions appear, and these visions can be overwhelming. Since the awareness is still in shock of no longer being attached to and shielded by a body, it needs guidance and forewarning so that key decisions that lead to enlightenment are made. The Tibetan Book of the Dead teaches how one can attain heavenly realms by recognizing the enlightened realms as opposed to being drawn into the realms of seduction that pull incorporeal awareness into cyclic suffering.

An interesting sidenote: Some of the concepts in the Tibetan Book of the Dead can be found in The Gospel of Mary Magdalene................from the Reluctant Messenger


Talk is tiring..........from the "Tao"..

Heaven and Earth don't play favourites
They treat everything with equal detachment.
Sages don't play favourites
They treat good people and bad with equal detachment.

Heaven and earth are like a set of bellows.
Although empty, they are endlessly productive.
The more you work them, the more they produce.
The mouth, on the other hand, becomes exhausted if you talk too much.
Better to keep your thoughts inside you.

Chasing after Desires......

Be Satisfied, Do not Chase after Desires Do not encourage the
multiplication of desires. Be satisfied with whatever you have been
given. In the chapter on devotion, Krishna enumerated the 26 noble
qualities which endear a devotee to the Lord. Of these, contentment
stands out as one of the most important characteristics of a devotee. It
means not running after worldly enjoyments. You have enjoyed so many
luxuries and so many sensual things in your life but you have not gained
peace and fulfillment from them. Give up chasing after them and you will
gain contentment. The heart of a person who does not have contentment is
like a bamboo basket riddled with holes. If you try to draw water out of
a well using such a basket, by the time it comes up, all the water will
have leaked out. There will not even be a drop of water left to quench
your thirst. Similarly, when you are suffering from pangs of desire and
greed, all your contentment leaks away before you even have a chance to
fulfill your desires. When contentment leaves your heart, discontent
remains behind to take its place. Desire breeds more desire. A person
who does not have anything at all may feel very happy and contented when
he gets 100 rupees. But once he gets the 100 rupees, he thinks how nice
it would be if he could get 1000 rupees. If by chance he gets the 1000
rupees, he desires to have a million rupees. Then he would aspire to
become a major property owner. From a property owner he would want to
become a legislator and then a minister and then the prime minister.
Finally, he would want to use all his status and wealth to attain the
God-state. But you can never reach divinity with the help of power and
wealth. As the person's desires cross all limits, he becomes
discontented and his wealth gains him no inner peace at all. You must
learn how to gain contentment from whatever you have, being satisfied
with whatever wealth you have been given. Your responsibility is to take
care of the possessions you have received through the grace of God, and
be happy.

mukundan saibaba gita


This invariable truth, that man does not exist in matter but in mind, blesses those who receive it. For it helps to console them in affliction, to guide them in meditation, and to illumine them in reflection. -- The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Cat. XXI, Chapter 5, The Key to the Spiritual World


From Here To Here, Turning Toward Enlightenment." by Gary Crowley
Chpater 1
Understanding What Is
Enlightenment is devastatingly simple. Although questions
regarding enlightenment often become complicated, the answer
always remains simple: enlightenment is the direct result
of freedom from the illusion of a separate self. A profound
understanding of this ultimate simplicity provides all that is
required for an awakening to enlightenment.
Enlightenment is what we are. There is nothing to
gain, only its recognition. Enlightenment's simplicity has been
expressed in many ways:
I am, but there is no 'me.' Wei Wu Wei
You are the perceiving, not the perceiver. Ch'an
You are looking for what is looking. St. Francis of Assisi
That which is seeking, is the sought. Buddhic Scripture
The above quotations all express enlightenment's
simplicity. The possible examples are endless; I just happen to
like those that do it in seven words. As you will soon discover,
understanding the essence of these statements is all that is
required for the spiritual seeker because you are always already
Your illusionary self is never the same once it is seen
through. After decades of spiritual seeking, I read one footnote by
Wei Wu Wei that changed everything:
Free, we are not the number One, the first of all our objects,
but Zero – their universal and Absolute Subject.
This footnote caused a shift in orientation that cannot be shifted
back. It was devastatingly simple and understanding was the only
Understanding is recognition, clear seeing. It is not the
same as knowledge. In daily life, the words "understanding" and
"knowledge" are often used interchangeably, but throughout this
book "understanding" refers to a direct recognition of what is.
We all can think of times when we had knowledge of something
in our head, but it was not integrated, and therefore, was only a
theoretical notion. As a child you may have been given knowledge
that fire was hot, but until you ran your hand over a flame, no
true understanding could exist. Now, whenever you see a fire, an
understanding occurs, a direct recognition that fire is hot, without
any need for abstract concepts about what is.
Without understanding, enlightenment's simplicity is
missed. With understanding, enlightenment's simplicity cannot
be ignored. The poet Rumi expressed this sentiment as:
I lived on the lip,
of insanity, wanting to know reasons,
knocking on a door. It opens.
I've been knocking from the inside!
Awakening to enlightenment is a journey from here to
here, not from here to there. There is nowhere to go and nothing
to be attained. Enlightenment is simply an awakening to what has
always been the case. There is only the seeing through of our own
ignorance. The journey becomes a circle because it finishes where
it started, but at the finish, one experiences the same world from an
entirely different perspective. As a result, your case of mistaken
identity effortlessly dissolves.
The release of an illusionary separate self occurs
effortlessly through understanding what was never really there.
The false self, though not ultimately real, is thereby devastated. In
its wake remains only what we are, which is enlightenment.
What if awakening to enlightenment requires only
understanding? What if this understanding causes the release of
an illusionary self, something you never even were? Would you
be willing to let go of something you never were if it allowed an
awakening to enlightenment?
The masterpiece of enlightenment is already here. There is
only the awakening to it. Innumerable masters have affirmed it is
so. Upon awakening, one sage purportedly exclaimed, "Is that all
it is?" He then laughed and went about his daily business.
Seeking enlightenment is like searching for a pair of
glasses that are perched on top of your head. All efforts to find the
glasses are seen as ridiculous once one understands the situation.
How humorous it is to discover what was there all along!
What if the only complicated thing about enlightenment
was noticing what had been there all along? How could one not be
amused after all the searching? Perhaps, laughter will result when
you realize that enlightenment has been "perched upon your head"
all this time, patiently waiting to be discovered.
Look at the graphic of the black cube below. Can you see
the black cube securely tucked into the corner?
Now look at this same graphic, but see it as a large white
cube with the front corner cut out. What was once a small black
cube tucked into a corner is now a large white cube with the front
corner missing. Notice too, that at any point in time you can see
the image only one way. The image offers an either-or proposition
in any given moment and cannot be both at the same time.
Awakening to enlightenment is like realizing you are not
the little black cube tucked in the corner, but are instead the large
white cube. Everything is completely different, yet everything
is exactly as it was before. The difference is orientation.
Understanding allows a different way of seeing what already is.
The required understanding is ultimately very simple, but
unraveling your case of mistaken identity still requires precision.
Human beings have an uncanny knack for self-deception when
it comes to discovering their own essence. Ironically, spiritual
seekers seem naturally conditioned to look in the direction
opposite from where their awakening lies.
Like a child chasing the end of a rainbow, most spiritual
seekers are forever almost there because they chase an illusion that
will always remain just out of reach. With understanding, chasing
the illusion ends as you realize that what you have been looking
for is already right here, right now. This is why only a clear and
unambiguous understanding of your illusion will steer you through
self-deception and into an awakening to enlightenment.
Enlightenment may well be in an entirely different
orientation from where you've been searching. All your efforts
until now may have been like pulling on a door that needs only to
be pushed for it to open. Once again, such situations are usually
met with a chuckle when understanding finally occurs. Please
remember this as you read the chapters that follow.
Enlightenment is readily available for those with the ability
to face what is. This book attempts to clearly and concisely assist
in this endeavor by wholly uprooting the cause of your suffering.
Be forewarned: once the roots of suffering have been exposed,
they are forever changed.
Suffering results from maintaining the most prized of all
possessions, an illusionary self. The illusionary self is the ransom
that must be paid by the spiritual seeker. When the arrow of
understanding hits its mark, your illusionary self is its casualty. If
this does not sound like an appealing proposition, then this book is
not for you. However, if this description sounds intriguing, then
let us begin the journey from "here to here."

Irfan - (Islamic Mysticism)

The spiritual traveler watching his own lower self and the Divine Names and Attributes of Allah, gradually advances till ultimately he reaches the stage of total fanã (self-annihilation) that is passing away from his own perishable will and then the station of baqã (abiding in the everlasting Will of Allah). It is at this stage that the secret of eternal life is revealed to him.
We can infer this doctrine from the Holy Qur'an also if we ponder over certain verses of it.

Think not of those who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are living. With their Lord they have provisions. (Surah Ãli Imran, 3: 169).

Everything will perish save His Countenance.1 (28:88)

That which you have is wasted away, and that which is with Allah remains. (Surah an Nahl, 6:96)

These verses put together show that the countenance of Allah are those "who are living and who have provisions with their Lord." According to the text of Qur'an they never perish.

From the above it is also clear what the Holy Imams meant when they said: "We are the Names of Allah." Obviously to be the head of a government or to be the highest religious and legal authority is not a position which could be described by these words. What actually these words denote is the state of passing away in Allah, abiding permanently with His countenance and being a manifestation of His glorious and beautiful Names and Attributes.

In connection with the spiritual journey another important and essential thing is meditation or contemplation (muraqabah). It is necessary for the spiritual traveler not to ignore meditation at any stage from the beginning to the end. It must be understood that meditation has many grades and is of many types. In the initial stages the spiritual traveler has to do one type of meditation and at later stages another type. As the spiritual traveler goes forward, his meditation becomes so strong that if ever it was undertaken by a beginner, he would either give it up for good or would be mad. But after successfully completing the preliminary stages, the gnostic becomes able to undertake the higher stages of meditation.

As a result of careful and diligent meditation a flame of love begins to kindle in the heart of the spiritual traveler, for it is an inborn instinct of man to love the Absolute Beauty and Perfection. But the love of material things overshadows this inherent love and does not allow it to grow and become visible.

Meditation weakens this veil till ultimately it is totally lifted. Then that innate love appears in its full splendor and leads man’s conscience towards Allah. The mystic poets often figuratively call this divine love "wine".

When the spiritual traveler has passed this stage and his meditation grows stronger, he sees as if the heaven and the earth were all illuminated from the East to the West. This light is called the light of self and is seen after the gnostic has passed the world of barzakh (material desires). When after coming out of the world of barzakh primary manifestations of self begin to occur, the spiritual traveler often feels that he is standing beside himself. This stage is the beginning of the stage of self stripping.

Sometimes it happens that the gnostic feels as if he did not exist at all. He tries to find himself but he does not succeed. These the observations of the early stages of self-stripping, but they are not free from the limitations of time and space. In the next stage, with Allah's help the spiritual traveler can rise above these limitations also and can view complete reality of his Self.

It may be mentioned here that to see the things existing in the world of barzakh is comparatively of small account. It is of greater significance to view one's own lower self (nafs) in an absolutely stripped state, for in this case self appears as a pure reality free from the limitations of time and space The viewing of the earlier stages was comparatively preliminary and partial and this viewing is so to say the perception of the whole.

Agha Sayyid Ahmad Karbalã’i, another well-known and prominent pupil of the late Akhund says: "One day I was sleeping somewhere when all of a sudden somebody awakened me and said to me: ‘Get up at once if you want to see the ‘eternal light.’ I opened my eyes and saw an immensely bright light shining everywhere and in all directions."

This is a stage of the enlightenment of Self. It appears in the shape of an Infinite Light...............................from mysticalprinciples.com

You can experience God through Love alone...

If you want God, you will have to develop this sacred quality of love.
Only through love will you be able to experience him, who is love

If you want to see the moon there is no need to use a candle or a torch
light. The light of the moon is enough to see the moon. If you want to
see God you need only to immerse yourself in love. Fill yourself with
love and you will surely succeed in acquiring God. But as long as this
love has not yet become clearly established, there is a need for
spiritual practices such as devotional singing, repetition of
the name of God, and other forms of worship. Once pure love has
developed these spiritual practices are no longer necessary.

Yet, even when the moon shines brightly, you will not be able to see
it if your eyes are closed. In the same way, if your eyes are still
closed to the loving presence of God within you, then good
actions, including the various spiritual exercises, will help
open your eyes and clarify your vision, so that you can see and
enjoy the Lord. That is the import of Krishna's teaching in the

Only when you listen to such great words, and only when you understand
them clearly, and only when you practice them, will you be able to reach
your divine goal. Set aside at least one hour per day to study these
teachings and incorporate them in all your daily activities. In
so doing you will be using your time wisely and you will be
sanctifying your life.


saibaba gita

Bhagavad Gita...

The blessed Lord said,
'Fearlessness, purity of heart,
perseverance in knowledge of union,
charity and restraint and sacrifice,
spiritual study, austerity, straightforwardness,
nonviolence, truth, no anger, renunciation, peace,
no slander, compassion for creatures, no greed,
kindness, modesty, no fickleness,
vigor, patience, courage, purity,
no hatred, and no excessive pride
are the endowment of the one born to the divine, Bharata.

"'Hypocrisy, arrogance and conceit,
anger and harshness, and ignorance
are the endowment of the one born to the demonic, Partha.

"'The divine endowment is for liberation,
for bondage the demonic, it is thought.
Do not grieve.
To the divine endowment you are born, son of Pandu.
Two created beings are in this world,
the divine and the demonic.

"'The divine has been described in detail;
hear from me about the demonic, Partha.
Progress and cessation demonic people do not understand;
neither purity nor good conduct nor truth is found in them.
Untruthful, they are unstable.
The universe, they say, is godless,
not by a succession created.
What else but desire caused it?
Holding this view lost souls of little intelligence
and evil actions come forth as enemies
for the destruction of the world.

"'Attached to insatiable desire,
accompanied by hypocrisy, arrogance, and lust,
out of confusion accepting false notions,
they proceed with impure purposes,
and clinging to immeasurable anxiety ending in death,
with gratification of desire their highest aim,
convinced that this is all,
bound by a hundred expectations,
devoted to desire and anger,
they wish for the gratification of desires
by the unjust means of hoards of wealth.

Concerning the Atoms of the Soul ...

Someone explained once how the pieces of what we are
fall downwards at the same rate
as the Universe.
The atoms of us, falling towards the centre

of whatever everything is. And we don't see it.
We only sense their slight drag in the lifting hand.
That's what weight is, that communal process of falling.
Furthermore, these atoms carry hooks, like burrs,

hooks catching like hooks, like clinging to like,
that's what keeps us from becoming something else,
and why in early love, we sometimes
feel the tug of the heart snagging on another's heart.

Only the atoms of the soul are perfect spheres
with no means of holding on to the world
or perhaps no need for holding on,
and so they fall through our lives catching

against nothing, like perfect rain,
and in the end, he wrote, mix in that common well of light
at the centre of whatever the suspected
centre is, or might have been.

~ John Glenday ~

"The Reverential Life"

Within his heart, he may call or keep nothing as his own, not even his spirituality. If he really does not want to cling to the ego, he must cling to nothing else. He is to have no sense of inner greatness, no distinct feeling of having attained some high degree of holiness. -- The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, Cat. XVIII, Chapter 4, Surrender

Christ Consciousness....

We are already the Consciousness of Christ, but the Ego that we believe
we are covers the Christ Consciousness almost completely, the rope that
pulls us back to proper consciousness is the miracle energy of Love...
this is the God force within us that gently pulls us to the waking up
to Truth... this is why even the evil souls among us still feel the
pull to the energy of Love, even if it is for only their family members
or friends.....Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and is
our Home and is Us.......the ego must be disolved to find this Truth to
be real, and it is the meaning of our existence to complete this
journey to ego anihilation..............namaste, thomas

The Ego and the Spirit ...

The ego looks for peace — the spirit rests in it

The ego looks for love — the spirit gives it freely

The ego is in constant search for happiness — the spirit is absorbed in joy

The ego looks for control — the spirit is totally free

The ego looks for longevity — the spirit is immortal

The ego accumulates information — the spirit is Supreme Wisdom

The ego is limited by space and time — the spirit is boundless

The ego is only a player in a show — the spirit is life itself

The ego is false — the spirit is real

The ego wants more and more — the spirit has it all!

Shortcut to Spirituality: Mastering the Art of Inner Peace
Bob Gottfried
Pages 118-119

Archangel Michael’s Rosary

This rosary is perfect for invoking spiritual protection for yourself or others. It is also very powerful for cutting people free from dark forces and for changing world conditions. For personal protection, you can use this rosary instead of the decrees/affirmations to
Archangel Michael presented in this section.

It takes about 35 minutes to give the full rosary. If you do not have time for the full rosary, you can give Sections 1, 2 and 5 as your daily protection. Or you can give the "I Choose Life!" affirmation followed by 9 "Hail Michael" (or as many as you have time to give).

NOTE: This rosary was introduced by a dictation from Archangel Michael.

Section 1.

In the name of the unconditional love of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Miracle Mother, Amen.

Beloved Archangel Michael, I dedicate this rosary to the manifestation of God’s will and God’s kingdom in . . .
(Describe the situations and conditions that you want Archangel Michael and his angels to resolve.)

Lord’s Prayer
Our Father-Mother God who is within all life, we honor your Presence, the I AM, within us. We accept your kingdom manifest on Earth through us. We accept our responsibility to manifest your will on Earth, as it is manifest in Heaven.

We accept that you are giving us our daily opportunity to be all that you are. We acknowledge that you forgive us our imperfections, as we forgive each other and surrender our will to the higher will within us. We therefore accept the truth that the universe returns to us what we send out.

We take responsibility for our lives and our planet. We vow to rise above the temptations of the lower self, so that you can deliver us from all imperfect energies. We affirm that your kingdom, power and glory is manifest on Earth, now and forever. Amen.

Archangel Michael, take command over all dark spirits
1. By the authority of the Christ Flame within me, I call to Archangel Michael to manifest your Flaming Presence with me and form an impenetrable shield around my energy field. Protect me from all imperfect energies, dark spirits, discarnate souls and all forces of anti-christ, and enlighten me so that I can identify dark vibrations. I hereby choose to stop all darkness from entering my being. Archangel Michael, protect all people from all imperfect energies and dark spirits.

Hail Michael
Hail Archangel Michael, Lord of Angels,
Your Presence is always with us.
Protect us from all forces of darkness,
and bind the enemy within us.
We take dominion over our lives,
and manifest God’s kingdom on Earth.

Holy Michael, Defender of Faith.
we invoke your Blue-flame Sword.
Cut us free from the lies of anti-christ,
so we can pierce the veil of separation.
We affirm our oneness with God,
and form the Body of God on Earth.

2. Archangel Michael, manifest your Flaming Presence within my energy field. Bind and consume all vortexes of imperfect energies that threaten to overpower my mind and emotions. Cut me free from all connection to the planetary vortexes of negative energies. Enlighten me so that I can identify all imperfect energies in my being. Help me see that they are not part of my being and that I do not need them. I now choose to let all dark energies go. Archangel Michael, consume all toxic vibrations in the energy fields of all people.

Hail Michael

3. Archangel Michael, bind and consume all dark spirits, all discarnate souls and all forces of anti-christ that have gained entry into my being and are seeking to control me from within. Enlighten me so that I can identify these enemies within me. Help me see that they are not part of my true identity and that I do not need them. I now choose to let all dark spirits go. Archangel Michael, cut all people free from dark spirits.

Hail Michael

4. Archangel Michael, bind and consume all spiritual poisons in my being. Cut me free from the poisons of ignorance, anger, pride, greed, envy and non-will/non-being. Enlighten me so that I can identify all spiritual poisons in my being. Help me see that they are not part of my being and that I do not need them. I now choose to let all spiritual poisons go. Archangel Michael, cut all people free from spiritual poisons.

Hail Michael

5. Archangel Michael, bind and consume my carnal mind and my human ego, forming an anti-self that seeks to prevent me from accepting my true identity. Enlighten me so that I can identify the lies that my anti-self is using to control my actions, feelings, thoughts and sense of identity. Help me see that the anti-self is not part of my true identity and that I do not need it. I now choose to let my anti-self go. Archangel Michael, strip me of my anti-self and bind the anti-selves of all people who are willing to be free.

Hail Michael

6. Archangel Michael, cut me free from the gravitational force of the mass consciousness that pulls me into following convention, to never rise above the lowest common denominator and to deny my potential to put on the mind of Christ. Strip me of all spiritual blindness so I can see that there is a better way to live than the way that seems right unto a man. Give me the courage to come apart and belong to the separate and chosen people. I now elect to follow the Way of Life, the way to Christ consciousness. Archangel Michael, cut free all people who are willing to rise above the mass consciousness.

Hail Michael

7. Archangel Michael, cut me free from the consciousness of materialism that causes me to feel attachments to the things of this world. Help me see that my Christ potential is the true key to the abundant life. I now choose to seek first the kingdom of God, and I know that when I attain the Christ consciousness, all things will be added unto me. Archangel Michael, cut free all people who are willing to rise above the consciousness of materialism, the consciousness of death.

Hail Michael

8. Archangel Michael, cut me free from all attachments to my current beliefs and all fear that if I give up my limited beliefs, I might lose my sense of identity. Enlighten me so I can see through all of the dualistic beliefs that have been programmed into my mind by church and state. Help me see that by giving up these dualistic beliefs, these man-made idols, I will win my true identity in Christ. I choose to stop dancing around the golden calf of these carnal beliefs. Archangel Michael, cut free all people who are willing to rise above the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of death.

Hail Michael

9. Archangel Michael, cut me free from all attachments to my mortal sense of identity, and all fear that if I give up this carnal mind, I will have no identity left. Enlighten me so I can see through the unreality of my anti-self and see that behind it is my true identity as an immortal spiritual being. I now choose life, and I accept my true identity in Christ. Archangel Michael, cut free all people who are willing to rise above all false sense of identity.

channeled through askrealjesus.com

Training the Soul.......

Thoughts from the conscious mind are relayed to the sub-conscious
mind to come into manifestation... the sub-conscious mind is also
your soul, it forgets nothing and never sleeps...It keeps your heart
beating and your lungs breathing , this is why we do not die during
sleep... when the conscious mind trains the sub-conscious to think in
a particular manner, such as only admitting positive thoughts and
only thoughts of Love, then we are eliminating the false ego... as we
purify the sub-conscious mind then we realize Truth, which we call
Wisdom... although the sub-conscious mind is controlled by the
conscious mind, the divinity within the sub-conscious mind is always
proding us to attain a higher spiritual level... this is why all
humans seek Love.. even if they are evil in their everyday actions,
they still seek the egolessness of the feeling of Love, though their
families,friends, lovers, children, and parents... so the
acknowledgement of Truth is when the conscious mind agrees with the
purified sub-conscious mind..................namaste, thomas

God has no Ego.........

Can you imagine that the greatest power in all creation has no
ego....to experience complete unselfish love can only be accomplished
when we are egoless.... to attain to the center of God, which is often
called the Godhead, we must first completely conquer the belief in the
false ego... this is the main teaching of Vernon Howard.... he often uses non-
spiritual instruction to reach a spiritual point..... non-ego is
unselfishness which is also known as Love.....this is why this Force
created us to share in this great joy of the feeling of Love, because
the unselfish wish to share...... but self-ish-ness on our part put a
wall between us and the Power of Unselfishness.. this is called
duality.......the teaching of Vernon is to end this duality and return
to the Truth that we are actually God.......................namaste,

What is God ?..........

We have been taught from birth to believe that God is an old man on a
throne, waiting to judge our souls, according to how we have followed
his rules.........But our mentality is much more advanced now, and we
can delve deeper into the understanding of what the word God
means......God means Love...and Love is unselfishness and lack of the
false ego..this is very important.. stop thinking in terms of a human
god and think in terms of energy and vibration... at the smallest
level, our bodies are vibration , and we know that we have been created
in the likeness of God.. therefore, God is energy and vibration...
vibration cannot be seen , we can use electronic instruments to see the
duplication of the vibration but it is beyond the frequencies of light
that our eyes can see... this is spirit... spirit are frequencies that
cannot be seen with human eyes.......So , by saying that we are God, is
not egoistic... it is the opposite of egoistic... because we are saying
that we are LOVE ,and unselfish Love cannot be selfish or egoistic, it
is impossible for these energies to merge....therefore, even though
it might shock your mental system to say that you are God, it is
actually achieving egolessness to state this and know that it is
true.......As Jesus said;" The last shall be
first"................namaste, thomas

The seeker is he who is in search of himself.

Give up all questions except one: 'Who am I?' After all, the only fact you are sure of is that you are. The 'I am' is certain. The 'I am this' is not. Struggle to find out what you are in reality.

To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not.

Discover all that you are not -- body, feelings thoughts, time, space, this or that -- nothing, concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you. The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive.

The clearer you understand on the level of mind you can be described in negative terms only, the quicker will you come to the end of your search and realise that you are the limitless being.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Self knowledge & Self mastery...the Tao

Intelligent people know others.
Enlightened people know themselves.

You can conquer others with power,
But it takes true strength to conquer yourself.

Ambitious people force their will on others,
But content people are already wealthy.

Prudent people will abide.
People unconquered by the idea of death will live long.
People who live according to their means last long.

Quotes from Lu Xiangshan (Lu Hsiang Shan) (1139-1193

The Four Beginnings (of humanity, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom) are all originally present in the self. Nothing need be added from the outside.

Principle exists in the universe without any obstruction. It is only that you sink from it, hide yourself in darkness as in the trap, and lose all sense of what is high and far beyond. It is imperative that this trap be decisively broken and the confining net be penetrated and destroyed.

The universe has never separated itself from man. Man separates himself from the universe.

Students of today (circa 12th Century) only pay attention to details and do not search for what is concrete.
When is it necessary to depend on words?"
When scholars read today, they only try to understand words and do not go further to find out what is vital.

Complete Work of Lu Hsiang-shan (Hsiang-shan ch’uan-chi), 35:10a-b, in Wing-Tsit Chan, Chinese Philosophy, Chapter 33

From The Experience of No-Self by Bernadette Roberts

Perhaps the only philosophy or theology that can help
us cross the stream is one that admits: when you have
learned it all and lived it thoroughly, then you had
better get ready to have it all collapse when you
discover the highest wisdom is that you know nothing.

It is said that St. Thomas Aquinas, after writing his
masterful tomes on Christian theology, suddenly had an
experience of God that so silenced his mind that ever
after, he never wrote a single word. In other words,
St. Thomas literally fell outside his own frame of
reference when he came upon "that" which no mind can
comprehend nor pen describe. ...

It seems that ultimately we must go beyond all frames
of reference when the Cloud of Unknowing descends, and
all the thrashing around looking for a life preserver
won't do a bit of good.

Nevertheless, I now see a possible line of travel that
may be of use before crossing the stream. It would be
to start with the Christian experience of self's union
with God, whereby we loose the fear of ever becoming
lost -- since we can only get lost in God. ...

But when the self disappears forever into this Great
Silence, we come upon the Buddhist discovery of
no-self, and learn how to live without anything we
could possibly call a self, and without a frame of
reference, as we come upon the essential oneness of
all that is.

Then, finally, we come upon the peak of Hindu
discovery, namely: "that" which remains when there is
no self identical with "that" which Is, the one
Existent that is all that Is. ...